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The Best Books for NJ Kids of Every Age

And they'll shriek squeaks and squeals, racing 'round on their wheels.
They'll dance with jingtinglers tied onto their heels.

They'll blow their floofloovers. They'll bang their tartookas.
They'll blow their whohoopers. They'll bang their gardookas.
And then they'll make ear-splitting noises galooks
On their great big electro whocarnio flooks!
-How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Unless, you get them books for the holidays. In which case they will lay on their bellies in bed, feet swinging behind them, the only sound the soft rustle of pages turning as their imaginations soar. Right? RIGHT!

Find Your New Furry Family Member! Holiday Pet Adoptions at New Jersey Animal Shelters

I can't imagine life without our two quirky rescue dogs. Stanley is a mix of at least 3 different breeds and is one of the most intelligent pups I've ever known. Henry is a fiesty Chihuahua/Maltese hybrid of some sort and has bitten everyone from a FedEx worker to our wedding photographer. Each year when the anniversary of their adoption rolls around, I remember all of the animals sitting in cages next to them that we couldn't take home. And then I look at our lazy, spoiled pups as they snooze on the living room couch... and I wish that every animal could be so lucky. New Jersey, like many other states, struggles with pet overpopulation, but it also has some amazing shelters and rescue groups that host all sorts of fun holiday adoption events.

Hanukkah Decorations and Sweets for NJ Families

This year, Hanukkah begins on the evening of Saturday, December 8, and ends on the evening of Sunday, December 16. Hanukkah is one of my favorite holidays because it encourages family, love, home and miracles. I grew up with parents who loved decorating our home with Hanukkah Tchotchkes (yiddish for “trinkets!”) while the scent of potato pancakes lingered in the background. Yum! Below is a list of whimsical Hanukkah goodies that are fun and festive for every family member. 

Kid-Friendly Comic Book Shops in Northern New Jersey

Boom! Pow! Crash! Zap! If your kid's hero is more Tony Stark than LeBron James, finding a local comic book shop is a must. Just think of all the cool things your kid can learn through reading comic books: the battle of good and evil, visual storytelling, hilarious (intentional and unintentional) dialogue, and how to rock a cape. Read on for quotes and recommendations from some Jersey comic book store owners and a listing of great Northern NJ stores.

What's Open in NJ Today

As our state struggles to recover from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, it can be very difficult to think about having fun with your kids--it feels almost like an insult to those who are suffering in so many areas. But for those who have children who need a much-deserved distraction and for those businesses and venues that we love to regain their footing, it feels important to try. Although Governor Christie originally designated today as the "make-up" Halloween, many towns are not nearly ready, so we're left, once again, with kids that have no school and nothing to do. So if you have the desire--and the gas--here are a few of MP's favorite venues that are open Monday, November 5.

Our thoughts & prayers are with you, NJ

I am writing this from a friend's home in Weehawken after having evacuated our home in Hoboken. I know that many of you are in a similar position and some, much worse. All the Mommy Poppins family send their thoughts and prayers to our readers and our entire state. Obviously, there are very few venues that are even open this weekend, so we will not be posting our weekend events, but here is one of our most popular articles for stuck-in-the-house craziness, 99 Sensory Activities for Kids. For those who wanted to enter our Barefoot Books giveaway, we will extend the deadline to subscribe for another week. Please check our Facebook page for updates and we'll see you soon. You know we love you, NJ.

Fun Stuff To Do Indoors During Hurricane Sandy

Well, NJ, for the second year in a row, we’re facing a whole lot of “indoor time” with our kids due to freakish weather. We will say nothing about global warming in this post (ahem), only give you some great ideas for fun stuff to do inside while Sandy rages outside. Check out the tips from our own NJ writers, or hope over to NYC Mommy Poppins for a more extensive list of don’t-go-crazy ideas. Stay safe, NJ!

NJ Museums' Fall Exhibits, From Jackie Robinson to Building Teeny Tiny Things

Culture. We all want it — and not just in our yogurt. We live next to one of the best museum cities in the world, but our dear NJ also has much to offer in the 'get smart' department. From the wonderfully curated Newark Museum, to lovely small spaces like Monmouth Museum, there's an array of exhibits and activities for the whole family. And NJ museums don't take all day, so get cultured up until lunchtime, then go for a hike, have a picnic, or hit another gallery. You'll be more interesting by dinnertime. 

Join Mommy Poppins NJ at Metro Moms' Healthy and Green Halloween Bash (with a great GIVEAWAY)!

We love "green" and we love rhyming, so you bet we’re loving Green Halloween! Mommy Poppins NJ is excited to be participating in the Healthy and Green Halloween Bash with our pals, the Metro Moms. Dress the kids in costume for a weekend afternoon of healthy trick-or-treating, dancing, playing, games, natural organic products and treats, facepainting, arts & crafts and a super special secret GIVEAWAY just for MP NJ fans (read on for the super special secret details)!

Best BBQ Restaurants in Northern NJ

Missing those tastes of summer? BBQ is just as delish in the fall! Whether it’s Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina or Portuguese style, barbeque is a fantastic choice for a family outing. From ribs to chicken sandwiches; sweet tea to mac & cheese, the variety of menu options will satisfy all taste buds. While New Jersey may known for its diners and pizzerias, there are plenty of garden state options to whet your appetite for some finger lickin’ good food and southern hospitality!


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