Book a private family movie night at AMC.
Book a private family movie night at AMC.

Private Movie Screenings for $99 at Movie Theaters Near You—Family Movie Night Is Back!

Who misses seeing a movie in a movie theater? Watching new releases on an iPhone got old really fast, and even if you have a great TV for family movie nights, there is something sooo much more special about going to a real live cinema, sitting in those indulgent movie theater seats, leaning back, and watching a new movie on an enormous screen with no interruptions (preferably with a snack you would never eat under any other circumstances). Well, good news: whether or not your state is allowing movie theaters to reopen, there is a way to have that big screen cinema experience again—and without having to sit next to anyone you don't know!

AMC Theatres has come up with a fabulous solution for families who love movies to get their movie fix: renting out a whole theater. Under normal circumstances, renting an entire movie theater just to watch a new release sounds like a luxury of the rich and famous, but with theaters sitting empty for so long, AMC has dropped the price point to something the average movie-goer can afford. Starting at $99, a family or friend group of up to 20 people can go to the movies together. That could be a totally affordable birthday party, or even a night out for just the family—after all, a family of five going to the movies can easily spend $100.

Currently, the option to rent a theater is available in 45 states, with a list of 17 movies to choose from. The movie and location must be booked in advance, of course, but AMC has made that part very straightforward with an online booking form that allows you to select the location, time, and movie you want. The titles are a combination of older favorites and new releases; at the moment options include some Halloween titles like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, a few family action films like Jumanji: The Next Level and How To Train Your Dragon, and new releases including The War with Grandpa and Honest Thief. Note that currently, AMC is booking 10 days ahead for private rentals.

AMC has implemented a new cleaning process with COVID in mind: between each screening, the theater is made ready for the next group by cleaning with electrostatic disinfectant sprayers, and surfaces like doors, handrails, recliner buttons, and tray tables are all disinfected before each showtime. During the movie, air is filtered using either HVAC or MERV-13 air filters, and each night the theaters are cleaned with HEPA filter vacuums. Booking in advance means no need to swipe a card at the window, so risks really are kept to a minimum.

As you'd expect, guests are required to wear masks in the theater, and these must be proper masks (meaning neck gaitors and bandanas don't cut it). If anyone in your group forgets to bring one along, the theater has them available for $1, though it might be more fun to pick some festive themed masks for the occasion!

As much as we've all been enjoying the old school, rustic fun of drive-in movies during pandemic life, the idea of going back to an honest-to-goodness indoor, main street cinema movie night sure sounds appealing. Private movie screenings may even be something we miss when this whole thing is finally over. See you at the movies!

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