10 Tips for Visiting the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia

How to get the best out of your Please Touch Museum Visit

The Please Touch Museum is one of the most celebrated places in the Philadelphia region to take your tots under the age of six, and for good reason. This totally hands-on experience, with nothing off limits, gives kids the chance to let their imaginations run wild. Whether they are playing grown-up in the replica grocery store or make-believe in the Alice in Wonderland maze, kids are sure to have a great time. Here are some insider tips to help parents and children make the most of their visit.

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  1. Mondays are a great day to check out the museum, as they are always free of group visits. During the rest of the week, the probability of encountering a large school group increases.
  2. The ideal age for Please Touch is 3-5, so if the child(ren) in the family fall into this age bracket, a season pass may be the best way to go. (Plus, free parking is included in a membership!) 
  3. The place is huge, so pace yourself, bring snacks, and breathe. This could easily be a four-hour visit.
  4. Rainy days are packed, for obvious reasons. Consider visiting on a sunny afternoon (if you're willing to stay inside) because the rest of the world will probably be at the park.
  5. There are daily live theater shows! Don't just get caught up in the exhibits, especially if the kids have seen them all before.
  6. No need to carry jackets around or force the little ones to wear their outdoor gear—coat check is an option.
  7. The cafe is nut free, but families can also pack their own snacks to save a few dollars on food.
  8. The Facebook page is a great resource for upcoming events and updates.
  9. There is plenty of free street parking outside of the museum if the lot isn't an option. Keep in mind that the lot is a pay-to-park setup.
  10. Please Touch is a fun events venue. From birthday parties to weddings and other celebrations, it's a unique spot to rent.

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Photo courtesy of Please Touch Museum.