Local Produce: toys and more for kids at the NYC Greenmarket

8/16/07 - By Anna Fader
Eating locally is all the rage now, and the Greenmarket in Union Square is the place to go to stock your fridge with great local produce. But you can get local when it comes to shopping for kids too and you don't have to go any further than the southern edge of Union Square Park. Local New York artists set up stands along the southern perimeter of the park and we found some wonderful unique items there.


Kreepy Doll Factory is the invention of Daniel Baxter who designs these colorful creations and sews them himself. Each doll is unique and playfully disturbing. Ilia Pasumansky is an artist who creates whimsical prints depicting NYC or animals. They would make great nursery room or kid room art. NYC kids will love the little playful details in the images and the fact that the prints show their city world. You'll love that it's real art by a local artist and not the same old nursery rhyme themes. You'll also find adorable little dresses and tops designed by Bua Schwartzberg. I love the design of the tops. Rainbow Brite meets Holly Go Lightly...they make me happy.