How To Teach Kids Manners with Cartoons

When we were looking for eCards for Father's Day, we discovered hoops and yoyo on Hoops and yoyo are an animated cat and bunny that sound like the kids from South Park and sport an edgy sense of humor. They have a bunch of funny eCards for different occasions, but now my kids just want to go back and watch the animations. Poking around their site we found these Manners Matter with hoops and yoyo animations.

It's a funny series that teaches kids manners with 10 lessons on such important topics as talking with your mouth full, blowing your nose, and opening a door. Our favorite one was wash your hands! which illustrates the importance of hand washing in the context of how it endangers the M&M bowl. Wow. They really know how to make their message stick.

Now, I don't know about your kids, but my 4 year old son does not like to wash his hands. He dislikes it so much that he has gone so far as asking me to "hold it" for him so he won't have to wash his hands after. Uh, yeah. (My co-workers are going to love that tid-bit.)

Well, you have never seen a kid more transformed. After hearing how his not washing his hands might endanger the M&M bowl, he has become a happy hand washer. If only I was a 2D animated bunny; think of the power and control I could command over my children.