(Video) Dream Machine Pop-up Comes with Bubbles, Ball Pit, Playtime

Though there are amazing photo-ops around every intriguing corner of this whimsical, interactive art installation, Dream Machine in Brooklyn actually encourages visitors to let go of this dimension for a while and step into a space that feels...otherworldly.

Dive into the seemingly bottomless ball pit.

With dry-ice bubbles (served with a side of flavored seltzer), a laundromat serving cotton candy (complete with a secret door leading to a wondrous mirrored room), and a ball pit that actually seems bottomless, this pop-up with 10 sensory rooms feels like a true escape from reality.

Grab some freshly made cotton candy in the laundromat.

Located a short walk from the waterfront, the tour requires reserved timed tickets. Upon entry, visitors are greeted by their own "Dream Technician" who leads small groups through the various rooms, offering guidance (and assistance with photos) throughout the experience.

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Experience the otherworldly feeling of floating in the sky with clouds.

In the first room, blue lights shine in various hues highlighting fluffy white clouds that hang down from above. From there, guests head into a room brimming with bubbles (filled with dry ice), a fluorescent-pink laundromat, a ball pit that truly feels like you're in over your head, a fantastically lit plant-filled room, and a seemingly endless hallway. The tour ends with a walk through a thick wall of floor-to-ceiling silver streamers where you're suddenly thrust back into the real world.

Plant a dream in the plant room.

Dream Machine opened its doors on Thursday, April 5, and will remain open through Thursday, May 31. It's located at 93 N. 9th Street. Children under 3 enter for FREE; all other tickets are $38. Timed tickets must be purchased in advance online.

Photos and video by the author.

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