So Long Summer! 21 Reasons NYC Parents Can't Wait for Fall

Reasons NYC Parents Can't Wait for Falltime

It seems like only yesterday I was anticipating summer with the same giddy excitement as my grade-schoolers. Once we hit Memorial Day, I was in full-on countdown mode. I couldn't wait for lazy summer mornings that fade into afternoons of romping in our favorite playgrounds, spoiling dinner with an extra scoop of our favorite ice cream, and all that weekend beach, water and amusement park fun.

We made our summer fun list and checked off one activity after another. Now I'm worn out. I'm sick of being sticky with the summer heat and sunblock, inhaling the noxious subway platform fumes, dripping popsicles — all of it. Gimme the cooler weather and all that comes with it, including back-to-school and all that cozy fall fun. I'm guessing I'm not the only one. Here are 21 reasons this summer-weary NYC momma is anticipating the change of seasons. Happy fall all!

1. Return to class, return to schedules. The big kids will hit the books, and my preschooler will need to rediscover how important naptimes are to her (and to my sanity) after we say goodbye to the freewheeling summertime fun that produced serious FOMO in the littlest ones. And I might—might—have a little peace and quiet.

2. I'll no longer experience that soul-crushing feeling as we dash for the empty subway car—"Look kids, seats for all of us!"—only to realize it's hotter than Death Valley because the AC is broken.

3. Nor suffer through a thousand evil eyes as my kids drip water all over the seats during the subway schlep home after an unexpected romp through the playground's sprinkler.

4. Those steaming, er, lovely hot pavement fairs of the summer give way to suddenly bearable, downright enjoyable outdoor fall fests.

5. My nose (super-hero strength after three pregnancies) won't be subjected to the olfactory obstacle course of a city street on a 90-plus degree day. From stinky sidewalks to spoiled trash, I can't handle it.

6. It's harvest season, meaning plenty of excuses to head north for some rustic farm fun and fresh apples and pumpkins.

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Feed farm animals, puzzle your way out of a corn maze, and more at the Queens County Farm Museum this fall. Photo courtesy the farm.

7. The epic Amazing Maize Maze at the Queens County Farm Museum. Haven't been yet? It opens September 24 along with the farm's County Fair!

8. Pumpkin spice lattes, which I'll be able to enjoy alone once in a while, and not because I am hiding from my kids in the bathroom.

9. Sudden freedom from toting around Costco-sized tubes of sunscreen and bug repellant.

10. The annual Maker Faire New York set for October 1-2 on the grounds of the New York Hall of Science; if this doesn't kick their need to study into gear, we're not sure what will.

11. No more sand. It's everywhere. In my bathtub, the car seats, the shoes, my purse. Out, out, out!

12. Finally a break from the endless ice cream truck jingles—and requests from the kids.

13. Perfect playground weather. No more mosquitoes; no more burning hot slides; no more swim diapers needed.

It's hard to beat that back-to-school pic. Photo by author.

14. Snapping an adorable first-day-of-school picture. C'mon, you know you've been anticipating that moment since your out-of-state friends started posting them back in early August.

15. Peeping some beautiful fall leaves.

16. Endless entertainment provided by those leaves. Pile them up, jump into the pile, throw them sky high, crunch them underfoot, or search for perfectly shaped ones to inspire fall crafts.

17. No more rushing-out-the-door fights over flip-flops: Proper pool attire, yes; scooting? No.

18. Good sleeping weather; no AC required.

19. Football season...I'd be lying if I said I snuck that in just for my husband and son.

20. Halloween! Costumes! Candy! Parades! We love celebrating this fright fest in NYC with FREE, fun, family-friendly eventsparades, and can't-miss special day trips, including the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze at Van Cortlandt Manor.

21. Holidays. We can practically smell the hot chocolate already. The holidays are right around the corner, and along with them the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Holiday Train Show, and festive holiday windows.

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