Best Places for Snow Tubing Near Chicago for Families

Enjoy a kid-friendly tube fest at Sunburst Ski Hill. Photo courtesy of Sunburst Ski Hill
Enjoy a kid-friendly tube fest at Sunburst Ski Hill. Photo courtesy of Sunburst Ski Hill
12/8/23 - By Meghan Rose

When there's no snow to be found in the city or your neighborhood sledding hills are worn down to the grass, you still can find perfect slopes for snow tubing with kids just a short drive outside of Chicago.

Snow tubing is the perfect winter activity for the whole family; it gets everyone outside playing, and unlike skiing or snowboarding, it requires no gear. (Unlike ice skating, it also requires minimal balance.)

Everything you need to go snow tubing with kids—a tube, a hill, and snow—is provided by the parks. Just dress warmly, and you're ready for a day of snow tubing near Chicago.


Cascade Mountain 
Try Cascade Mountain for a thrilling snow tubing experience. Photo courtesy of Cascade Mountain

1. Cascade Mountain — Portage, Wis.

About 2.5-hour drive from Chicago. Open mid-December through early March
Cascade Mountain has major snowmaking capabilities. This high-tech operation offers 900-foot chutes and 90-foot drops. There is also a surface lift to take you and your tube to the top of the hill. The chalet snack bar offers drinks, sandwiches, and a cozy place to warm up. Kids and adults will enjoy this thrill ride.

2. Blackwell Forest Preserve Mount Hoy — Warrenville

40-minute drive from Chicago. Open December-February 29 on weekends and school holidays 
The Blackwell Forest Preserve in Warrenville sports more than 1,300 acres of natural beauty and is one of the most spectacular spots for winter activities near Chicago. Once there’s enough snow on the ground (usually at least 3 inches), Mount Hoy opens for an 800-foot slide down the hill. Inner tube rentals are at the base of the hill and are $10 per tube per day; only these tubes are allowed on the hill. The hill is open on weekends and school holidays through the end of February from 10am to 4pm (last tube rental is at 3:30pm).

Villa Olivia
Villa Olivia offers outdoor fun for the entire family. Photo courtesy of Villa Olivia

3. Villa Olivia — Bartlett

60-minute drive from Chicago. Open December 22-March 3
Boy, oh boy is the snow tubing at Villa Olivia popular. New this year, reservations are available online and we strongly suggest you make them. Tickets are good for two hours of all-you-can-tube time for kids 6 and older (and over 42 inches). Kids who are 4 or 5 years old can ride along with a paying adult. Fees include tube rental and rides up the magic carpet to the top of the hill. Everyone hitting the hills must sign a waiver that can be accessed and signed at home. Day tubing is available on weekends and holidays from 9am to 5pm, and evening tubing takes place Thursday through Sunday and holidays from 5 to 9:30pm.

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Wilmot Mountain 
Wilmot Mountain offers snow tubing less than 90 minutes from Chicago. Photo courtesy of Wilmot Mountain

4. Wilmot Mountain — Wilmot, Wis.

75-minute drive from Chicago. Open December 15-March 10
Halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, this mountain features a large tubing area with 22 lanes and two surface conveyors. About a half-mile from the main ski lodge, the tube runs have a separate snack lodge and deck for taking a break. Rentals are available weekdays from 4 to 9pm and holidays and weekends from 9am to 9pm. Kids must be 42 inches tall to go tubing. Only one person is allowed per tube, but up to four tubes can link together for a ride down the mountain. All participants must book reservations in advance and sign a waiver, which can be done when purchasing tickets online.

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Sunburst Winter Sports Park|
Snow tubing at Sunburst is worth the two-hour drive. Photo courtesy of Sunburst Winter Sports Park, Facebook

5. Sunburst Winter Sports Park — Kewaskum, Wis.

Two-hour drive from Chicago. Open December 1-February 29
Yes, we just called Wilmot’s 22 lanes big, which makes Sunburst Winter Sports Park, with its 45 tubing chutes, massive. In fact, it claims to be the largest snow tubing park in the world. The chutes have a 90-foot drop in elevation, and Sunburst says riders can reach speeds of 30 mph. The rules here are simple: Tickets start at $20 for everyone for two-hour sessions on weekends and holidays, and from 4 to 8pm Tuesdays through Thursdays. Kids must be 42 inches tall and tickets are only available for purchase onsite; everyone must sign a waiver upon arrival. We have heard it can get very crowded here.

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Snowstar Winter Sports Park
Thrill to night tubing under the brightly colored snow lights at Snowstar Winter Sports Park. Photo courtesy of Snowstar Winter Sports Park

6. Snowstar Winter Sports Park — Andalusia

3-hour drive from Chicago
While this spot is more of a trek from Chicago, if you need a winter weekend getaway with short lift lines, a family atmosphere, and required reservations, this a good spot for young kids. Or if some in the family want to ski and others want to tube. Also, this is the only place on our list that allows kids 3 and older to participate (riders must be able to safely hold onto a tube and ride alone). You'll get two hours to use a tube and ride up the hill on the magic carpet lift. Everyone must sign a waiver to hit the hill. It is open daily, with reservations taken only by phone. Season passes are available, starting at $100.

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