Chinese Restaurants Open on Christmas Day in NYC

Mazu's modern Szechuan menu packs a punch, and parents can appreciate its signature cocktails.
Mazu's modern Szechuan menu packs a punch, and parents can appreciate its signature cocktails.

It is a tradition among many of our friends—and not only the Jewish ones—to order Chinese food on Christmas Day. It makes perfect sense: You're exhausted from staying up all night trying to conjure up holiday magic, so why not have something everyone loves delivered to your door? If you don't celebrate Christmas, a day when just about everything is closed is still an excellent excuse to order in from one of these Chinese restaurants open on Christmas and watch family movies.

While you might already have your own "go-to" local restaurants on speed dial, we've rounded up a bunch of particularly good ones to share with you. If you're looking for a more traditional holiday feast, consider these restaurants open on Christmas serving everything from holiday ham to the Feast of the Seven fishes.

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If you're planning on dining out, keep in mind Key to NYC rules now require ages 5+ to show proof of at least one dose of the vaccine to dine indoors.

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​Jing Fong Chinese Restaurants Open on Christmas Day
Jing Fong is well-known for its dum sum but take note: The Upper West Side location is the only one open right now. 

Chinese Restaurants Open on Christmas in Manhattan

Jing Fong – Upper West Side

Although the famous Elizabeth Street location is currently looking for new digs, Jing Fong is going strong on the Upper West Side. Dim sum is its claim to fame, but its extensive menu offers something yummy for every palate.

Pig Heaven – Upper East Side

Laying claim to whipping up "the best BBQ spare ribs in NYC," Pig Heaven specializes in Taiwanese-style cooking and also does a gorgeous Peking duck. Delivery is available throughout Manhattan.

Tri Dim West – Upper West Side

Tri Dim is aptly named, as it is a trifecta of Chinese deliciousness, with dishes that range from Shanghai delicacies to Sichuan and Cantonese crowd-pleasers.

Mazu – Midtown East

Mazu's modern Szechuan menu packs a punch, with the added incentive of yummy signature cocktails for exhausted adults—espresso martinis might be just the thing after a 4am wake-up call from the preschool set.

Red Peony – Midtown West

With cuisine and sensibility inspired by Old Shanghai, Red Peony's menu throws some Cantonese dim sum and Szechuan-style goodies in the mix.

Hao Noodle – West Village & Chelsea

In addition to the signature noodles, Hao Noodle's Chelsea venue provides an eye-opening education into China's wide array of barbecue flavors. The West Village locale elevates traditional Chinese food a few notches.

Szechuan Mountain House – East Village

Szechuan masters, the chefs at Mountain House specialize in spicy stews and stir-fries, along with an eye-catching stone pot fish if you're feeling adventurous. Visit its second location in Flushing, Queens.

Uluh – East Village

Andy Warhol probably isn't the first thing that pops into your head when you think Chinese, but his portrait presides over Uluh's sleek dining room. Uluh's dim sum options include homemade red bean soup with rice balls and purple sweet potato pancakes, or try the black truffle egg fried rice.

CheLi – East Village

CheLi specializes in the cuisine of Shanghai and the surrounding Jiangnan region. Standouts include the drunken crab and vegetarian mock duck. Visit its second location in Flushing, Queens.

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New Ruan's Chinese Restaurants Open on Christmas Day in NYC
New Ruan's is a long-standing Bensonhurst favorite offering classic Chinese tastes.

Chinese Restaurants Open on Christmas in Brooklyn

New Ruan's – Bensonhurst

From classic chow mein to seafood selections, New Ruan's has been serving the local community since 1991, winning tons of accolades along the way.

Birds of a Feather – Williamsburg

Sichuan spice sparkles at Birds of a Feather, which offers a good-sized dim sum selection, along with three-pepper chicken.

Mission Brooklyn – Williamsburg

Mission's dining room is closed through year's end, but it's offering a prix fixe menu on Christmas Day for pickup, which includes banchan, mushroom mapo tofu, and cumin lamb ribs, along with a special dessert from Ninetynine.

Chuan Tian Xia – Sunset Park

Fancy some frog for Christmas? It can be had at Chuan Tian Xia (or in the comfort of your home, if you prefer to take out), along with paper-wrapped fish, lobster, and crawfish.

Farmers Restaurant – Bay Ridge

Lobster is the standout at Farmers, where the focus is on fresh and natural Cantonese food.

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Little Pepper Sichuan Chinese Restaurants Open on Christmas Day for Take-Out or Eat-in
Little Pepper Sichuan Restaurant offers dine-in and delivery of its spicy selections on Christmas Day.

Queens Chinese Restaurants Open on Christmas Day

Shanghai You Garden – Bayside & Flushing

Shanghai You Garden gets high marks for its soup dumplings and a wide array of Shanghai specialties.

Little Pepper Sichuan Restaurant – College Point

Some like it hot, and if you're all about that spice, Little Pepper is right up your alley. Make a reservation to dine-in on Christmas Day via DM on Facebook or Instagram (include time, date, number of people, and contact info). If you want to stay home, call for delivery.

Golden Palace Gourmet – Flushing

Golden Palace's menu focuses on cuisine from northeastern China, including lamb, silkworm chrysalises, and sausage.

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao – Flushing

Another soup dumpling sensation, Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao is famous for its crab and pork soup dumplings, along with pan-fried crispy noodles.

Photos courtesy of the restaurants

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