Obstacle Courses, Climbing Walls and Ninja Classes for LI Kids

Kids Gain Agility and Strength at These Unique LI Fitness Facilities

Are your kids using the couch as a jumping-off point for back flips? There are several spots in Nassau and Suffolk counties that offer obstacle training, where your little ninja can test his or her balance, vaulting, tumbling and more. Let the little daredevils try out these indoor courses while keeping your walls scuff mark free.

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JumpBunch — Three Long Island franchises
Try your fancy footwork on the agility ladder or teeter along the balancing act. JumpBunch classes offer fitness, balance, and agility instruction that your family can attend, or it can bring the course to you for special occasions.


Active Kidz Long Island — Jericho
Are you looking for the ultimate challenge? The drop-in ninja warrior course is packed with obstacles that will test partygoers' balance, coordination, strength, and agility. Traditional floor-based sports won't cut it here. Try Aeroball, which is basketball mixed with volleyball—on a trampoline.

All Star Gymnastics — Levittown
The Warrior Training program utilizes gymnastics skills and obstacles to emphasize core strength, agility, speed, reaction time, and balance. Warriors learn to connect movements so they will be able to flip, hang, and land in flowing combinations. All Star also offers birthday parties and pay-as-you-go open gym sessions on Friday nights. Think about a parents' night out while your little ones work out all of that energy before bed.

Balance on the slack-line bridge or enjoy the rope swings at Beyond Epic Athletics.

Beyond Epic Athletics — Freeport
Balance on the slack-line bridge or swing like a monkey from rope to rope on this challenging course. The Ninja Warrior classes encourage quick-thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving while boosting confidence, core strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

5 Star Sports Academy — East Rockaway
Get fit while having fun at this ultimate sports center. Designed by a three-time American Ninja Warrior competitor, this five-star ninja course offers variations for all ages and abilities. Scale the kids warped wall, clink up the double salmon ladder, bob or weave down cannonball alley. Kick your way to its parkour class that teaches the art of moving over, through, under, or around obstacles, utilizing the natural movements of the body with freestyle and/or gymnastics-style techniques.


Gym-Nest — Medford
Modeled after the American Ninja Warrior courses on TV, this ninja program is designed to physically and mentally challenge your athlete as he or she swings, climbs, jumps, flips, and rolls to fitness. Looking for more high-flying fun? Check out its aerial hoop class that has gymnasts hanging from a hoop while attempting dangling acrobatics. 

Free to Fly — Lake Ronkonkoma
Free to Fly offers Kid Ninja, tricking and parkour classes, and even some drop-in events. It focuses on teaching the sport, but also creating a mentally strong and physically healthy child, using gymnastics, tricking, parkour and cheerleading as tools—all aimed at creating healthy and sustainable exercise habits.

Drop in for some ninja training at Obstacle Athletics in Deer Park. 

Obstacle Athletics — Deer Park
Hone your skills for ninja warrior, parkour, obstacle course races, and more at this indoor training facility. Built like a custom obstacle course playground, kids work on their strength and power, speed and endurance, and agility and balance—all the while having high-flying fun. Enjoy pay-as-you-go drop-in sessions or sign up for Junior Warriors or Ninja Skills classes.

Top photo: Build power and agility at Obstacle Athletics. Photos courtesy of the venues