New Rock Climbing Venue Opens on Long Island

3/9/17 - By Jaime Sumersille

Have your kids taken to couch climbing like it's an Olympic sport? Get them off your furniture, out of the house, and over to The Gravity Vault in Melville, where they can explore more that 20,000 square feet of indoor rock climbing space. From easy beginner courses to rough terrain, your family can tackle more than 100 climbing stations. 

This is an ideal activity for active families with children ages 4 and older. Find more local Long Island play spaces in our Kids' Sports Centers Guide or Indoor Play Spaces Guide.

Learn self-confidence and more while climbing at The Gravity Vault. Photo by the author.

My 8-year-old son initially was hesitant to start his ascent, despite the talented and patient belayer—an instructor connected to you via hoisting ropes who prevents you from falling from the wall. The belayer guided him from footing to footing with constant and positive reinforcement. My daredevil of a 6-year-old, however, could have stayed on the wall all afternoon. Thank goodness the belayer could hoist him back down at our simple request. The four of us—each with varying degrees of agility—attempted four different walls during our hourlong session. 


Ready to climb but don't have gear? Rentals are available for $5 for shoes (be sure to request one size up from your regular size) and $4 for harnesses. The Gravity Vault also sells equipment for both kids and adults if you see yourselves climbing toward an affection for this sport. 

Day passes are $21 for adults and $18 for ages 20 and younger. Discounted 10-visit passes are also available. Want to learn the ropes? It costs a family of four $95 to climb in a one-hour, staff-led private session. A variety of membership options are available, including prepaid one-month, three-month and annual memberships. 

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The Gravity Vault measures more than 20,000 square feet; kids can climb without feeling crowded.

Tired of bouncy house birthday parties? You can make your child's expectations soar with two hours of excitement at The Gravity Vault.The Melville facility, which is part of a nationwide franchise, offers two different party packages that both feature a 5:1 staff-to-child ratio. Parties start at $299 for up to 10 guests. It also offers year-round, six-week kids' classes for ages 5-6 and 7-13, as well as school break camps. Classes aim to build self-awareness, problem-solving skills and basic climbing techniques. 

Arriving with personal items? Locker rooms and cubbies are available, and drinks and snacks are available for purchase on site.

The Gravity Vault is located at 40 Melville Park Rd., south of the Long Island Expressway exit 49S and just east of Route 110. It's open seven days a week.

Top photo: Reach for the stars (or the rocks) at The Gravity Vault. Unless otherwise noted, photos courtesy of the venue.