Things to Do with Your Family in Southampton

Things to Do and Places to Go and Eat in Southampton

Toss a sweater over your shoulders and take your kids on a stroll through Southampton, a village that has it all. Whether you're summering in the Hamptons, going for a day trip, or lucky to be a local, you'll fall in love with this historic, quaint and happening village.

Cool off with an ice cream cone from The Fudge Company on Main St. or around the corner from Carvel on Jobs Lane. Then grab a bench on the bustling sidewalk and enjoy the view. Your kids are sure to be enchanted by Stevenson's Toy Store on Jobs Lane with a store front as alluring as the toys inside; two stories of modern toys intertwined with handmade classics. Throughout the village are a smattering of children's boutiques and family-friendly restaurants all snuggled next to Agwam Park. The park offers a state-of-the-art playground, a large grassy area comparable to a football field, picnic tables, and WWI and WWII Memorials all overlooking Agwam Lake. The Southampton Cultural Center, across the street, hosts a variety of family events including kids’ classes and Summer Concerts in the Park (Agwam) or alternating at Cooper's Beach – 6:30 Wednesday evenings, through July and August,  Free!  The concerts attract families and people of all ages to set simple to elaborate picnics and enjoy the music as it fills the night air. The ease of the Hamptons' life is contagious, so be sure to explore both the village and surrounding areas to indulge in everything Southampton has to offer.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Southampton Village:

Sip n Soda is tucked away on the east end of the village. Grab a stool at the counter and watch your little one's feet dangle, or slide into a cozy booth, either way don't leave without a traditional overflowing milk shake. Paul's Pizzeria is in a great spot -- right next to the movie theater and across the street from Agwam Park. Eat in or take out, this casual-fare Italian restaurant has something for everyone. LaParmigiana has a buzz in the air with indoor seating and large covered patio to accommodate families of any size, or cater and take the reliable dishes back to your beach house. The Driver's Seat, a few doors down from Agwam Park, offers an array of choices to make everyone happy with an easy and inviting ambience both indoors and out. Owners smartly place a basketful of toys/books that delight kids as they pick one out to play with at their table. The Golden Pear is a popular cafe with gourmet flair, a must for many who come to the Hamptons. The Southampton Publick House is a unique brewery that offers various specials throughout the week, making dining out a bit more feasible for the entire family. And of course, don’t miss Tate’s Bake Shop to grab a few packages of her famous cookies and some scrumptious samples.  


Play miniature golf at Animal Kingdom or practice golf swings at the small range next door. Swim, surf, and explore Coopers Beach, rated one of the top 10 beaches in the United States; once you visit, you’ll see why (parking fee $40). Rotations Bicycle Center has bikes for hire. It's located right near the residential area of town where cruisers have miles of outstretched roads with impressive estates to gander at and the beach at their fingertips.

Boutiques/Specialty Shops:

Aunt Suzie's Clothes for Kids, Inc., is a long-standing staple in the village with quality pieces and great style for infants to 12-year-olds. Hildreth's opened as a general store in 1842 and charmed the village for 13 generations with its selection of home goods, toys, beach necessities, and adorable clothing.


Roger's Memorial Library is an activity epicenter for children of all ages with a calendar of events that is updated daily. Or, just stop by to check out the interactive children’s section filled with toys for toddlers. Visit Book Hampton, a small store that packs a punch, especially in the children’s section.



Fudge Company
67 Main St
11968 Southampton , NY
Phone: (631) 283-8108
40° 53' 9.9132" N, 72° 23' 22.1748" W
New York
Stevensons Toys
68 Jobs Ln
11968 Southampton , NY
Phone: (631) 283-2111
40° 52' 59.8476" N, 72° 23' 30.408" W
New York
Movie Theatre
43 Hill St
11968 Southampton , NY
Phone: (631) 287-6235
40° 53' 3.7248" N, 72° 23' 39.2676" W
New York
Southampton Cultural Center
25 Pond Ln
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 52' 57.0468" N, 72° 23' 35.9376" W
New York
Sip N' Soda
40 Hampton Rd
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 53' 14.3376" N, 72° 23' 16.8468" W
New York
Paul's Pizzeria
21 Hill St
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 53' 1.8924" N, 72° 23' 37.3884" W
New York
44 Hampton Rd
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 53' 13.38" N, 72° 23' 15.7308" W
New York
The Driver's Seat
62 Jobs Ln
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 52' 59.1924" N, 72° 23' 29.1876" W
New York
The Golden Pear
99 Main St
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 53' 12.1812" N, 72° 23' 22.4124" W
New York
Southampton Publick House
40 Bowden Square
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 53' 24.9216" N, 72° 23' 33.7452" W
New York
Tate's Bake Shop
43 N Sea Rd
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 53' 22.6356" N, 72° 23' 33.9648" W
New York
Animal Kingdon Mini Golf
668 County Rd 39
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 53' 47.8644" N, 72° 24' 55.2456" W
New York
Cooper's Beach
268 Meadow Lane
11968 Southampton , NY 40° 51' 50.9976" N, 72° 24' 23.3712" W
New York
Rotations Bicycle Center
32 Windmill Ln.
11968 Southampton , NY
Phone: 631-283-2890
40° 53' 3.5088" N, 72° 23' 33.4212" W
New York
Aunt Suzie's
59 Main St.
11968 Southampton , NY
Phone: 631-287-4645
40° 53' 8.7756" N, 72° 23' 22.1784" W
New York
15 West Main St.
11968 Southampton , NY
Phone: 631-259-8888
40° 53' 8.6208" N, 72° 23' 28.176" W
New York
Roger's Memorial Library
91 Coopers Farm Rd
11968 Southampton , NY
Phone: 631-283-0774
40° 53' 10.878" N, 72° 23' 36.6756" W
New York
93 Main St
11968 Southampton , NY
Phone: 631-283-0270
40° 53' 11.3604" N, 72° 23' 24.2196" W
New York