Dozens of Fall Day Trip Destinations for Long Island Families

Autumn is the perfect time to take a day or weekend trip to one of the many family-friendly destinations on or off Long island. The weather is cooler, Mother Nature provides some beautiful scenery, and there are even get a couple of long, holiday weekends that give everyone an extra day to spend together.

To help get you on your way, we’ve put together a list of the top fall destinations for Long Island families this season. Some are close by, while others require a few hours in the car or a ride on a ferry. No matter where you go or how you get there, you’re sure to create some great memories.

For more travel ideas, check out our Fall Fun Guide.

Kayak, Canoe, and Paddle Board Rentals for Families in the Hamptons and North Fork

Scenic, protected waterways are abundant on eastern Long Island. It’s one of the reasons we love living or visiting there, especially in the summer.

If your family enjoys kayaking, canoeing, surfing, or paddle boarding, why not head to the East End, where there are plenty of bucolic spots to enjoy your favorite water sport. From Westhampton to Montauk and all over the North Fork, local shops rent gear and offer instruction. Always call ahead for availability and to make reservations.

For other suggestions on how to enjoy the East End this summer, check out our guide to the Hamptons and North Fork. Visit our Summer Fun Guide for more ways to celebrate the season, and if you're feeling especially ambitious take on a few of our 100 Things to Do With Kids on Long Island.

Indoor Swimming Classes for Long Island Kids

Long Islanders often boast of long weekends at our family-friendly beaches and endless opportunities for indoor aquatic activities. With proper swim instruction, children can be safe and have fun around our many waterways. From private swim classes to community pools, there are plenty of swim instruction destinations from which to choose. The great thing about these pools is that when summer is gone, kids can continue classes and add to their skills. There are schools for those as young as 6 months, continuing through lifeguard training. 

In addition, Long Island has well-maintained outdoor pools for long days of family fun, including these on the East End. For even more outdoor adventures, see our guide to Long Island's best parks and playgrounds and our guide to LI's best amusement and water parks.

Pony Rides and Horseback Riding Lessons in the Hamptons

Whether your child aspires to one day compete in The Hampton Classic or has never been in a saddle before, there are plenty of places on the East End where children can explore their equestrian side.

From first-time horseback riding lessons and trail rides to pony rides and camps, we’ve rounded up some of the best kid-friendly ranches, farms, and riding stables in the Hamptons.

You’ll find even more suggestions for seasonal fun on the East End in our guide to the Hamptons and North Fork. Our guide to kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding offers some of the best deals on aquatic adventures. And don’t forget to check out the Event Calendar for the latest happenings all over the Island.

Mini Golf, Batting Cages, and Fun for Kids in the Hamptons and North Fork

Yes, the beaches are beautiful in the Hamptons and North Fork, but sooner or later, your family is going to be looking for something else to do this summer. For a change of pace and a chance for your kids to brush up on their golf and baseball bat swings, or just get out of the sun, we’ve rounded up a list of family-friendly mini golf courses, batting cages and indoor fun like arcades out east.

Most places have snack bars and some offer other amenities such as boat rentals so you can make a whole day of it.

For more fun activities on the east end, be sure to check out our guide to the Hamptons and North Fork and our listing of kayak, canoe, and paddle board rental places. And when your family is ready to hit the beach again, we found the best beaches for families on Long Island. Have fun!

Pop-Up Ice Skating Rinks in the Hamptons and North Fork

What’s better than gliding across a sheet of ice on a lovely winter day? How about doing it outdoors, where all of the season’s pageantry is on display?

Pop-up-ice rinks are popping up all over the East End of Long Island these days, from low-cost, low-frills facilities to high-end clubs that cater to every perk a skater could imagine.

We’ve got your winter entertainment covered here, with five seasonal rinks from Riverhead to East Hampton and Greenport. All are open to the public without residency restrictions but costs can be higher for nonresidents. For good measure, we’ve also included a pair of up-Island pop-up rinks just in case your seasonal shopping takes you off the East End.

As always, be advised these facilities are weather-dependent and opening and closing dates vary based on temperature, rainfall and patron interest. Prices are as of October 2016.

Family-Friendly Hotels on Long Island's East End

If you’ve ever visited the East End of Long Island, you know there is lodging to meet just about every need. There are hotels near fishing resorts, country inns near golf courses and bed-and-breakfasts within walking distance of the North Fork’s celebrated wineries. Families visiting the Hamptons and North Fork have options, too, from chain hotels near kid-favorite attractions to mom-and-pop guesthouses with private beaches and pools. Some of these even have their own mini-golf courses and sports facilities for those who prefer more all-inclusive family entertainment. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Hamptons and North Fork hotels, motels and guesthouses for families. Most are easily accessible from the region’s major roads or via the Long Island Rail Road.

Be advised, however: Lodging on the East End is at a premium during peak months, which are July and August in the Hamptons and August and September on the North Fork. Book early for best prices and monitor lodging websites for last-minute specials. And for ideas on what to do in the area, check out our Hamptons & North Fork Guide.

Halloween Fun for LI Kids in the Hamptons & North Fork

Ghouls, goblins and scary get-ups are all the rage this time of year. On the East End of Long Island, there are as many ways to celebrate Halloween as there are seeds in a pumpkin. From the North Fork to the South, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites just in time for the holiday. Here you’ll find haunted houses, spooky walks, parties and even trick-or-treating tips to keep your young ones in the spirit of the season.

And for more seasonal fun, check out our Long Island Halloween Guide.

Fall Fun for LI Families in the Hamptons & North Fork

On the East End of Long Island, the fun never really does end. Vacationers and those new to the area might be surprised to hear that family time does indeed continue here after the calendar turns past Labor Day. The North Fork, in particular, comes alive as farm stands and wineries celebrate the autumn harvest, and fall festivities continue almost uninterrupted until Thanksgiving weekend. After that, it’s time for holiday cheer and the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.

So take a moment to reflect on another well-spent summer, but consider also what memorable moments await in the autumn. Our Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide includes information you can use all year-round and our Long Island Classes Guide will help you plan a visit around the school year.

Labor Day Weekend Fun for LI Kids in the Hamptons & North Fork, September 4-7

Labor Day weekend brings an unofficial end to the vacation season on the East End of Long Island. The calendar gave us an extra week to celebrate and Mother Nature blessed us with near-ideal weather all season long. Let’s hope she stays kind for one more final weekend because there’s just too much going on to be stuck inside.

From Friday to Monday, East Enders can enjoy arts festivals, community parties, fishing derbies and, of course, the Shinnecock Pow Wow, Southampton’s annual celebration of the East End's indigenous people.

So get out and enjoy yourself. Take one more look at our Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide for the best in East End entertainment and check out our Long Island Classes Guide to help you get ready for the school year. And remember: Memorial Day 2016 is only nine months away!


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