This Week: Indoor Places to Play, Class and Theater Deals, Best Winter Concerts

The only thing worse than having to go out in the cold is hearing people complain about it. So we're not going to do that. Instead, we'll tell you about our favorite places to play indoors, not just preschooler play spaces but an indoor skatepark and rock climbing gyms that appeal to older kids.

Of course, by the weekend it's supposed to be a balmy 30 degrees, much better weather for outdoor winter activities. Take a day trip to Fairfield, Connecticut to go ice fishing, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, and of course there are great snow tubing and downhill skiing spots all over the tri-state area. And if you really want to fantasize about getting out of the city (or need to plan a spring break getaway), our Travel site has a review and slide show of the all-inclusive resort Azul Beach Hotel in Cancun, Mexico.

Here's what else we covered on the NYC site this week:

Kids going stir crazy but it's too cold for the playground? We rounded up NYC's top places for kids of all ages to play indoors.

Jumping around at a cool kids' concert is another great way to burn off energy inside. We picked our top 11 bands playing family shows this winter.

Thinking of enrolling your kids in swimming, dancing or other programs? We've got 10 great deals on winter classes just for our readers.

Our biweekly news roundup has info on the Doodle 4 Google contest, the revamped Disney Store in Queens and $20 tickets to a bunch of family shows.

It's your last weekend to catch Erth's Dinosaur Zoo at the New Victory, great fun if you have a dino-loving grade schoolers.

Our month-long spotlight on Tribeca continued with a post about places to play in the area, both indoors and out.

Best bets for the weekend include Winter Jam in Central Park, Beam Center's Inventgenuity Festival and Family Day: Carnival of the Elephants at the Bard Graduate Center.