15 April Fools Memes: Funny Tricks and Jokes for Parents for April Fools Day

Anyone in the mood for a fresh baked brownie? Photo by Ally Noel
Anyone in the mood for a fresh baked brownie? Photo by Ally Noel
3/24/22 - By Ally Noel

It’s April Fools season, and you know what that means! April Fools Day is a time when parents get to turn the tables on their kids by bringing a little mischief—and a lot of laughter and fun—into their homes. If pranking your kids is not your style, you can also just wait for them to prank you. Either way, we promise you’ll get a giggle or two out of these hilarious April Fools memes.

When your finished with these April Fools Day memes, check out our lists of super easy April Fools Day pranks to play on your kids and hilarious jokes for kids to keep your family laughing all month long.


Hilarious April Fools Memes for Parents

1. That look of frustration on their faces will be worth every penny.

2. They are so cute when they're little...

3. “Can I bake you something?” they said. “Sure!” you said.

4. Our job here is done.

5. April 1 may be scarier than October 31.

6. Is this a prank? Is it really toothpaste? There’s only one way to find out. (Insert evil laughter.)

7. Mean mom or evil genius? You decide!

8. We’ve been waiting all year for this!

9. Please don’t be filled with toothpaste. Please don't be filled with toothpaste...

10. Victory has never felt so sweet!

11. Uh oh… this can’t be good.

12. Always leave them wondering …

13. This one hurts.

By Little Beam Nursing Pillows

14. Game on, Micki!

By Graceeee (@GraceE823)

15. This mom doesn’t mess around.

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