Country Day Camps Right Outside of New York City

<i>New York City's YMCA offers a day camp and sleepaway camp just 90 miles from the city, plus 70 camp sites across the boroughs.</i>
Summer Day Camps Near NYC

There's certainly no shortage of much-loved day camps right here in NYC, but did you know your kid could be boarding an air-conditioned bus to a right-outside-the-city summer oasis?

From sprawling campgrounds and top-notch athletic facilities to outdoor adventures and classic activities like canoeing and archery, these day camps from our partners offer amenities and activities that are tough to come by in our wonderful but admittedly crowded city. And as if that isn't reason enough to trade a humid crosstown hike or a stifling subway ride for door-to-door bus service, many of the camps also provide on-site lunch, healthy snacks, and even towel service. Did we mention these tried-and-true traditional summer programs have been adored by families across the tri-state area for decades?

Read on for some of the best country day camp options right near New York City, or check out our New York City Camp Guide for even more ideas.