Visiting Long Island's White Post Farms: 15 Things to See and Do

Goats love to drink the milk from bottles, bottoms up.
Goats love to drink the milk from bottles, bottoms up.
8/19/22 - By Gina Massaro

Visiting Melville's White Post Farms with kids means an animal-packed outing featuring more than just your usual farm friends. You'll find giraffes, zebras, camels, lorikeets, marmosets, and plenty more, all of which can be fed. Spring and summer are perfect for animal fun, while autumn brings a fall festival. White Post Farms is a must for animal-loving parents and their kids. 

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Visiting White Post Farms with Kids: Must-See Things

Located near the border of Nassau and Suffolk counties, and nestled between the Northern State Parkway and the Long Island Expressway, White Post Farms is a convenient destination. There is a farmer's market, a garden shop, and, of course, the animal farm

1. Feed the giraffes

The giraffe observation deck is open when temperatures outside top 60 degrees. Come meet Patches and Oliver, the two resident long necks. Guests can pet the giraffes and feed them carrot treats. If you're lucky, you may even get a giraffe kiss. On crowded days, this is one of the most popular attractions, so try to swing by early. The best part about this attraction is it's included with admission and there is no upcharge to feed the giraffes. 

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Future equestrians won’t want to miss a ride on the pony.

2. Saddle up

Most little kids love horses and ponies, and at White Post Farms, kids under 65 pounds have the opportunity to hitch a ride. Pony handlers will also wait before or after the ride for a cute, Insta-worthy photo of your child on the pony. Pony rides are not included with admission and a ride token can be purchased at the hut near the ponies. Additional feed and bottles can be purchased here as well, though you can't give them to the ponies.

3. Hang with the primates

Watch as the marmosets, squirrel monkeys, and lemurs swing from ropes and climb playground equipment. Bring quarters to put in the machine to give the primates some treats. This is another activity that's best done at the beginning of the day before trays are piled high with unwanted nuts. Stand close to the window because sometimes the monkeys and lemurs will swing by to say hello.

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child bottle-feeding goat
Baby and adult goats love being bottle-fed.

4. Bottle-feed baby goats

Most of the animals at White Post Farms eat food pellets, but the goats love to suck on bottles of special milk. Even the adult goats will shove in front of the babies to get a sip of that sweet nectar. Be sure to remind little ones to hold the bottle with the nipple down and the bottle tilted up so the goats can properly suck out the milk. There is an additional charge for bottles and animal feed.                                              

5. Hand-feed parakeets and lorikeets

This experience is a must for those who aren't scared of birds. There are two sections, the parakeet, lovebird, and cockatiel section and, separately, the lorikeet section. Entering the enclosure is free, but there is an additional charge for food in both sections. Hold your hand up in the air and birds will come land on it. You'll almost guarantee a landing if you spend a couple of dollars on a feed stick or nectar cup. They also like to nestle on top of your head in your hair. Beware–the lorikeets may bite.

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deer eating out of a child's hand
The deer at the farm are very gentle, so don’t mind their slimy tongues.

6. Feed all the other animals

While you might not be able to touch all the animals, many of them have feeding tubes. There are zebras, camels, cows, and species of deer. The deer are very friendly and gentle, while the camel can be temperamental. 

7. Ride the train

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers love to board the train. It goes around a couple of times in a small loop, so there isn't much of a thrill, but little ones find it entertaining. Children under 36 inches must ride with an adult. Each rider, including adults, must purchase a ride token to board.

8. Believe in magic

On most weekends, catch Jim McClenehan performing his magic show. Kids will watch in awe as he performs his tricks, and there are plenty of laughs to be had, too. 

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boy driving a big wooden truck on a playground
Take a break from the animals and play on the various wooden structures.

9. Climb the playground

There are multiple wooden play structures, including a tractor and boat, as well as slides of multiple heights. There is also a play area with smaller structures that is perfect for toddlers. Toward the back of the farm, there is a row of playhouses along a brick walkway that is perfect for pretend play.

10. Get a souvenir

There are two stores at White Post Farms. A small shop on the animal farm sells toys and trinkets. The large one at the front of the farm has children's toys and seasonal outdoor decor, including live plants and flowers. Sometimes they also carry insect kits like caterpillars and ladybugs, depending on the season. 

Visiting White Post Farms with Kids: Dining Options

11. Fresh food at the farm market

There are more upscale and fresh dining options at the farm market, which is at the entrance to the farm before you enter the animal farm. Wraps, sushi, quiches, acai bowls, fruit, and chips are some of the options here. 

12.  Fast food concessions

You'll find typical concession food here, and you must pay with cash. Chicken strips, hot dogs, fries, and other typical fast food options are available. They also sell ice cream bars.

13. Pack a picnic

The most cost-effective option is to pack your lunch and snacks. There are plenty of areas with picnic tables where you can set up shop. However, hard-sided coolers and alcohol are not permitted.

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girl feeding a love bird
Purchase a seed stick to get up close to the lovebirds.

Visiting White Post Farms with Kids: Special Events

14. Celebrate the fall

The fall festival begins in September. There are hayrides, pumpkin picking, and multiple shows, including magician Jim McClenehan, Agri-Puppets, a dog variety show, and a family game show. Food stands have delicious donuts, tacos, and roasted corn. Admission to the festival also includes the animal farm. 

15. Have a party

White Post Farms offers multiple birthday party packages. Weekdays are the most affordable option. The farm is also open for birthday parties only during the off-season, so winter birthdays can still celebrate at the farm.

Visiting White Post Farms with Kids: Know Before You Go

  • The animal farm portion of White Post Farms is cash-only. You may purchase tickets in advance online. Tickets purchased online are date specific and non-refundable. If for any reason you can't make the date of your visit, you may use it for another day up until when the fall festival begins. 
  • The fall festival begins on September 24, 2022.
  • There is ample parking in the grass lot to the west of the farm.
  • In peak season, visit and feed the animals early in the day before they get full.
  • Children 15 months and younger are FREE. 
  • Season passes typically go on sale around the first month of the season-opening in the late spring. At the time of this post, passes are per-person and a family pass is not available.
  • Current summer pricing for daily admission is $25.95 for both adults and children, regardless of age. Prices increase to $34.95 during the fall festival.

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