Scary Easy Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween Party

It's never too late to organize a super simple Halloween Party. This year I hosted our annual neighborhood party and tested out some frighteningly easy Halloween snack recipes. They must have been a hit, because my little ghosts and goblins didn’t let out a single boo in protest. Now that I have my fifth party under my (witch's) hat, here are a few tricks for how to host your own Halloween Party.

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Halloween Treats

Get everyone in the Halloween spirit by serving some of these spooktacular treats. 


Scarecrow Snack Mix Recipe
This seasonal snack mix is a blend of sweet and salty and tastes like pure Halloween fun - it’s also a great way to use up all that extra candy corn that you can’t stop eating. This year, we used a little bit of the following:

  • Pretzel Squares
  • Caramel Corn
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • Chocolate Graham Crackers
  • Chex
  • Candy Corn
  • Mellowcreme Pumpkins 

I kept filling a big bowl with little bits until I created something that looked about right.  You can get creative with this mix -anything sweet or salty would do. I can imagine adding chocolate chips or a dash of Halloween sprinkles would be amazing.

Candy Corn Punch
Halloween is one of those times that I say “good bye” to our regular “sugar aware” diet and this punch definitely embraces this! 

There is no exact science to this spirited concoction. I mixed equal parts orange juice and sparkling water to achieve this seasonal hue. You could probably also add some orange soda if you wanted to increase the sweetness a bit. For a little extra, I froze pineapple chunks in an ice cube tray and let them float.  As they melted, they gave the punch a bit of a kick!  I garnished each cup with a swirl of whipped cream and tossed a few candy corns on top of that for good measure. 

Chocolate Covered Apples
Those candy apples in the shops always look so amazing.  You know the ones - those giant orbs of caramel goo that call to you at every time you enter the supermarket. Once we bite into them, I am instantly filled with regret and my daughter is basically covered head to toe in candy.    This year I learned my lesson - in order to avoid the mess I dipped slices of apple in chocolate and decorated them with Halloween sprinkles.  They took about 5 minutes to make and were a huge hit at the party. You can switch chocolate for caramel pretty easily- the best party is there is almost zero waste!

A little black and orange crepe paper with some plastic pumpkin buckets can go a long way. There are so many decorations to choose from that it is easy to go over the top, but since most of my guests are 5 and under I choose to keep things on the "not so scary" side of Halloween. 
We decided to carve pumpkins at our party and I encouraged guests to B.Y.O.P (Bring Your Own Pumpkin). It was a really simple activity to set up that got everyone involved. I covered the tables with orange plastic tablecloths and placed several "goop" buckets around to collect all the pumpkin innards. 
Because I never know how long decorating is going to take, I always have a few open ended games set-up to play. Pumpkin Bowling is really easy to set up and keeps your guests active for a little bit. 
It doesn't take much to create a bit of Halloween magic. I hope you have a ghoulishly good time. Happy Halloween!
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