Kids can fill a bucket strawberry picking at the farm. Photo courtesy of Swann Farms
Kids can fill a bucket strawberry picking at the farm. Photo courtesy of Swann Farms

Pick Your Own Berry Farms Open Now Near DC

Heading to one of the many pick-your-own farms in the DC-area is an outdoor adventure with a sweet reward. This year is no exception, and there's no better time to remind little ones that food doesn't originate in the grocery store—or via home delivery. While the picking protocol may be stricter this season, Virginia and Maryland farms are now opening the gates to welcome visitors to pick their own fruit and vegetables.

Whether this is your child’s first time at the berry patch or you’re looking to fill pies, jam jars, smoothies, and shortcakes for months to come, you'll want to check out our list of Washington, DC-area farms, where families can stock up on sweet, juicy fruits of all kinds. Strawberry picking is limited at this time as an early frost played havoc with this year's crop, but cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and—coming soon!—peaches and apples can all be picked straight from the bush and tree.

Most of these pick-your-own farms require masks to be worn while picking in 2020 and are limiting the number of visitors at a time. We've listed each farm's hours, but please call ahead to confirm the daily schedule and fruit availability as things change quickly at a farm, and follow these "rules of the row" when you go:

1. Plan in advance. Call ahead to see what's available for picking and ask about the farm's protocol this year. Are gloves required? Masks? 

2. If possible, make an appointment and pay in advance. Many farms offer online booking this year.

3. Cancel if anyone in your family is ill.

4. Be vigilant—especially with kids—about the "no eating in the field" rule. This is particularly a concern this year, due to COVID-19. Instead, wait to nibble until you've washed fruit (and hands) at home. Do pack hand sanitizer to allow kids to sanitize before picking and again when done.

Wandering Warblers
Algonkian Regional Park - 8:00 AM Pick
Georgetown GLOW
Georgetown - 10:00 AM Pick
Nature Nook-Super Snakes
Hidden Oaks Nature Center - 3:30 PM Pick
Campfire Saturdays-Stargazing
Burke Lake Park - 8:30 PM Pick
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