25 Awesome Things To Do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia

Kids can do the spider climb and so much more at the Memorial Park Playground.
Kids can do the spider climb and so much more at the Memorial Park Playground.
9/25/22 - By Michelle Lopez

When people think about having fun in Philadelphia, more times than not they picture Center City! As a former Northeast Philly kid and now Northeast Philly mom, I know first-hand that there's just as much fun to be had in Northeast Philly's awesome neighborhoods. Take a look at my family's favorite places to explore and things to do in Northeast Philly, from play spaces my boys love to spots where mom or dad can find some peace while the kids play.


Sky Zone Awesome Things to do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia
Kids can burn off tons of energy bouncing at Sky Zone.

Top Indoor Play Spaces in Northeast Philly

1. Burn Energy at Sky Zone

This is our neighboring trampoline park and my boys and I have been here countless times for birthday parties, play dates, and spontaneous outings when we didn’t have a chance to make plans. Let the kids burn out their energy with basketball hoops, dodgeball, and arcade games. The snacks and ICEE’s are a plus, and let’s not forget that for parents there are massage chairs to relax in!

The Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion Awesome Things to do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia
Watch the butterflies at The Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion.

2. Get Buggy with It at The Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion 

This is one of our all-time favorite places for in and outdoor fun. My children, ages 4 and 6, love the Insectarium's indoor playground. It’s glow-in-the-dark, with lots of climbing and swinging, plus it’s bug-themed of course! The outdoor area has beautiful butterflies to see and learn from as well. Bugs are properly contained on the third floor, and the expert staff helps kids properly handle the spiders.

3. Jump Around at We Rock the Spectrum 

This list is in no specific order, but if I had to rank our number one play spot it would be We Rock the Spectrum. It’s got everything you can think of for babies, preschool-aged children, children with special needs, and more. Our kids love the trampoline and rock-climbing wall. The venue hosts a number of events, including Parent’s Night Out and characters meet-and-greets--last time we went, Bluey made a cameo!

4. Bounce and Hop at Bounce Stadium

Some of my favorite family activities include shopping paired with a place to stop and have fun with the kids. Bounce Stadium is the perfect place to take a break while shopping at Philadelphia Mills (or as I remember it from when I was a kid, Franklin Mills) while the kids burn off some steam in the bounce houses.

5. Party with Chuck E. at Chuck E. Cheese 

Yes, Chuck E. Cheese made it to the list! It’s conveniently located near a Five Below and Menchie’s Froyo joint to complete your experience. Chuck E. Cheese in the greater Northeast was also recently renovated, and Chuck E. himself is back to making his rounds surprising the kids again. 

6. Score a Strike at Thunderbird Lanes

Classic family bowling is what you’ll get at Thunderbird. Equipped with “glow bowl” in the evenings, you’re not going to regret making memories here. 

Dave and Busters Awesome Things to do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia
With food, games, and all-around fun, Dave and Buster's makes for a great family night out.

7. Have a Game Night at Dave and Buster’s

Need I say more! This is arcade central and playing games never gets old. Not to mention, you can get dinner with the family and adult drinks, for the ‘rents of course.

8. Roller Skate at Philly SkatePlex

Roller Skating and blading fun. Not to age myself, but I’ve been going here since I was in middle school and I’m in my late 30s now. Great music, good times, and lots of fun on wheels for everyone.

9. Go Ice Skating at Skate Zone

Nearly 365 days a year of ice skating, no matter the season. Whether you want to stay indoors in the winter or cool off in the summer, you’ll all have a good time getting your ice skate on whenever the mood strikes you.

Roller Thunder Skating Center Awesome Things to do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia
Roller Thunder Skating Center has great activities and play options for kids of all ages.

10. Roll around at Roller Thunder Skating Center 

Another great roller-skating option for the kiddos that's also a great choice for birthday parties.

Thomas Mitchell Playground and Pool.Awesome Things to do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia
In the summer months, cool off in the amazing pool at Thomas Mitchell Playground and Pool.

Top Playgrounds, Pools and Splash Pads in Northeast Philly

11. Cool Off at Jacob's Playground and Pool 

Located in Academy Gardens, this family-friendly playground and pool is a nice spot to cool off in the summer, with a playground for year-round fun.

12. Go Swimming at Thomas Mitchell Playground and Pool 

Thomas Mitchell’s pool is amazing and huge. It definitely has great summer vibes, but you can expect engaging activities to continue in the fall. 

13. Have a Blast at Junod Playground and Splash Pad

I am personally obsessed with this playground. It’s a “vacation for a day” kind of spot. It’s scenic and has great grounds, plus a huge giraffe display that's a fun photo opp.

14. Stay Active at Palmer Playground and Splash Pad

Shouting out their amazing camp program, Palmer offers many children’s activities year-round and is also a fun and safe playground. The sprinklers are a blast in the summer, and is equipped with tennis courts and more.

15. Splash around at Chalfont Playground and Splash Pad

This playground is perfect for hots days, with a splash pad and umbrella coverage throughout to keep it shaded.

16. Play Four Square at Torresdale Playground and Splash Pad

Torresdale playground is giant, with cool playground equipment and a lot to offer kids, including a big four square court that my kids love. This playground is also equipped with tennis courts as well. 

17. Race on the track at Officer Daniel Boyle Playground and Splash Pad 

Boyle playground is one of our favorites, with the coolest race track area for you to run with your little ones. We often use the tables for a snack break after we’ve used all of our energy running and racing each other.

18. Family fun at Mayfair Memorial Playground 

Mayfair Memorial Playground is full of displays and equipment, with lots of family-friendly activities. They are also a pollinator-friendly playground, so there's lots of wildlife.

Pennypack Park. Awesome Things to do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia
Take a nature walk through the woods at Pennypack Park.

Hikes, Bikes, Picnic Places in Northeast Philly

19. Walk through a scenic trail at Pennypack Park

Pennypack Park is a staple of Northeast Philadelphia, with so much to see and experience on the trails. Kids who like to be adventurous will especially love it.

Glen Foerd Mansion. Awesome Things to do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia
Enjoy a picnic on the water at the scenic Glen Foerd Mansion.

20. Picnic by the Water at Glen Foerd Mansion 

I love Northeast Philly's greenery and natural environment. Our family frequents Glen Foerd Mansion for this reason and love our picnics by the water. Glen Foerd also hosts a number of outdoor events.

21. Ride your Bikes at Fleuhr Park 

Fleuhr Park is scenic and lovely for bike riding with the family and has amazing parking for added convenience.

22. Go Fishing at Pleasant Hill Park

Pleasant Hill Park is a fun fishing spot located near the Delaware River. You’ll find another fun playground here and for a quick bite head to Maggie's on the Waterfront. 

23. Go on a Nature Walk at Benjamin Rush State Park 

Experience mother nature with your family here. It’s beautiful with lots to explore, and great for bike riding and walking pets. 

mini golf at Burholme Park and Family Fun Center Awesome Things to do with Kids in Northeast Philadelphia
Grab a club and hit the green for a game of mini golf at Burholme Park and Family Fun Center.

24.  Mini Golf at Burholme Park and Family Fun Center 

Hello mini golf, a perfect summer and fall activity with your children. My boys are obsessed with mini golf and I couldn’t be more thrilled that this is located so close to home.

25. Pet Farm Animals at Fox Chase Farm

Cows, sheep, and bats, oh my! This farm caters to Philly School District trips, but hosts regular events for the public too. You won’t want to miss out on all of the fall farm fun here.

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Places featured in this article:

Sky Zone Northeast Philadelphia

Philadelphia Insectarium & Butterfly Pavilion

Thomas Mitchell Playground and Pool

Palmer Playground and Splash Pad

Chalfont Playground and Splash Pad

Torresdale Playground and Splash Pad

Officer Daniel Boyle Playground and Splash Pad

Burholme Park and Family Fun Center