Top Craft and Indoor Activities Websites for Toddlers and Kids

WeddingChain.jpgAn editor from another kids parenting publication (I'm not going to out him/her) emailed me that s/he had no idea what they were going to do with their kids for a three day weekend of subzero weather. If she is stumped, then the rest of us are totally SCREWED! But seriously, here are some of my favorite websites for inspiration for indoor activities and things to do on a rainy, or freezing cold, day. These are mostly smaller blogs, written by moms with really sweet activity ideas. Check out these sites, browse through the archives, click on their blogrolls to find other great related sites. (Hey at least you'll be occupied all weekend.)

Top 5 Craft and Indoor Activity Websites:

D. I. Y. Kids Authors of the book by the same name have lots of sample projects and activity ideas. ages 8 and up.

What Do We Do All Day? Fellow NYC mom and Mommy Poppins reader shares her really easy activity ideas in short and sweet daily doses. Ages toddler and preschool.

RookieMoms Two great moms get you going with ideas of what to do with your baby from ages 0 to 5. search the site by age for easy activity finding.

Kids Craft Weekly is actually a newsletter from a mom who comes up with really simple crafts for the littlest kids, illustrates them step by step with photos and shares them with us. Really cute and fun for ages 3-10. You can see all past issues on the website.

Parents Not a blog, but the magazine's website has lots of activity ideas from things to make to games and activities.

Here are some of our older posts with more indoor activity ideas:

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And of course our Indoor Activity Guide which has dozens of more related posts.

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