Reader-Submitted Review: Merricat's Castle Nursery School

3/6/07 - By Anna Fader
A Mommy Poppins reader who has a child at the school has submitted this preschool review for Merricat's Castle Nursery School on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. If you would you like to review your child's preschool or ongoing school, send it to Mommy Poppins. Or, if you have additional thoughts or questions for our readers about Merricat's Castle, leave a comment below. Merricat's Castle Nursery School, located in uptown Manhattan, is an integrated school - meaning they have kids with special needs mixed in with kids who are developmentally on track. The school has an exceptional staff - having experienced 3 NYC preschools, Merricat's Castle Nursery School wins for the most consistently warm, fun and smart staff. My child LOVES his preschool.


Upsides: -I like that the kids with various needs are mixed together - it's actually hard to tell which kids have issues. After 6 months, I'm still not sure which kids in my child's class (aside from mine, who had significant speech delays) are part of CPSE (the Board of Education's special education program for preschoolers). -The people who run the Merricat's school have been there for many, many years, and all of them are lovely. I really couldn't say enough nice things about them. -The facility is great - it's the 2nd floor of a beautiful old church's building - it's called "Merricat's Castle Nursery" because it looks like a castle from the outside. -Their days there are fun. Children do lots of varied activities and have their own outdoor space when its nice weather. -The teachers are masters at helping kids transition - even my husband comments on this. -High school students from a local school work in the classroom (one per year in each classroom) one day/week. My kid adores the high school boy who is in his classroom. He's so good with the kids and such a nice kid himself. My child constantly asks if he could come over for a playdate. Downsides: -It's a short day - 2 1/2 hours, with only a few exceptions for extended day. -Not as many social events for parents as some NYC preschools, so if you're into it for that reason, look elsewhere (though this more likely should be on the "upside" list for the rest of us).