New Halo Salt Spa in New York City: Homepoathic Treatment for Asthma and Colds

Homeopathic Remedy for Asthma and Colds for Kids and Adults

As of 2011, Halo/Air has closed.

The sad fact is that NYC kids suffer from higher rates of asthma due to air pollution. A new spa in Chelsea now offers a natural remedy for asthma and respiratory discomfort by breathing in salty air. And their special kids room means it's fun too.

The first spa of its kind in the United States, Halo/Air recreates Eastern European salt caves with a stylish twist in the heart of Manhattan. Natural salt caves are renowned in Eastern Europe for their power to help children and adults that suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions. 

Halo Spa contains adult salt therapy rooms as well as a large children's room that looks more like a winter wonderland playroom.  The therapy rooms, complete with lounge chairs and flat screen TVs, are lined with imported Ukranian salt on the walls and floor and each pumps ground salt particles in to the air, known as Salt Aerosol. 

The intensity of the Salt Aerosol is less in the kids room and on a recent visit, my daughter and I barely even detected a salt smell in the air. The large children's room which includes toys, puzzles, a toy kitchen, rocking horse, chairs and a flatscreen TV on which your tot can choose a family friendly movie to watch. Since the kids room has a thick layer of fine white salt grains on the floor, my little one thought the room was a giant sand box and couldn't get enough.

The salt in the room and in the air is meant to mimic natural salt caves and clear blocked and congested airways.  This technology, which is wildly popular in Israel, has been known to work wonders for asthmatic children and also intended to help clear out our pollution and cold-weather affected nostrils. Other reported benefits include improvements for certain dermatological disorders, heart and vascular problems, fatigue, depression and tobacco addiction.

Salt therapy is supposed to work best when used in a series of treatments so expect to make a few trips before experiencing optimal results. 

An introductory 4 pack of sessions costs: $249.99. 
Individual sessions are: $99.99 and a 14 pack of sessions is $999.99.
Halo/Air is located at 133 West 22nd Street

133 West 22nd St
10011 New York , NY
Phone: 646-666-0554
40° 44' 34.7064" N, 73° 59' 40.0848" W
New York