Axe Throwing and Smash Painting Featured Alongside Movies at Mattituck Cinemas

Experience the thrill of throwing an axe at a wooden target at Axe & Smash.
Experience the thrill of throwing an axe at a wooden target at Axe & Smash.
5/22/23 - By Jaime Sumersille

To catch a movie, toss an axe, have an immersive art experience, and see a live wrestling match, you'd usually have to visit separate venues on different days. However, at Axe & Smash in Mattituck–a new smash painting and axe-throwing attraction nestled within Mattituck Cinemas building complex–you could conceivably do all those things during one visit. 

Whether it's a family outing, a birthday gathering, or a date night, Axe & Smash caters to all.

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Exploring Axe & Smash at Mattituck Cinemas

Mattituck Cinemas is a movie house that's been turned into an entertainment zone and repurposed theaters for interactive, immersive fun. The Axe & Smash axe-throwing and paint-smashing rooms are within the cinema complex, which itself is nestled in the corner of the larger Mattituck Plaza shopping center. 

Upon arriving at the venue, you can grab a drink from the bar, a snack from the concession, or play some old-school video games before venturing off for an activity. 

For axe throwing, up to six people can reserve one of the four throwing bays for 60-90 minutes. Projected targets on wooden chopping blocks offer various games, and even novice tossers will be hitting a bullseye by the end of a session. Safety is paramount here, so be sure to heed the instructor's advice. Kids ages 12 and older can toss axes, and everyone under age 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Guests with children under age 12 can also reserve a lane that uses rubber axes and targets. We let our 12-year-old and 14-year-old use the real deal and they were pumped to wield their weapons at zombies, ducks, and more.

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paint splatter session
Find your inner artist at a paint splatter session. 

Throughout our axe-tossing session, the black lights nearby for smash-painting were calling. Smash painting exceeded our expectations. Gearing up for this immersive art experience was similar to the contamination scene from "E.T." We suited up in ponchos, booties, gloves, and goggles before selecting paint colors. We were led to one of four rooms that were all covered from floor to ceiling in previous patrons' handiwork. Our guide tacked up four pure white canvases on the walls and explained that we had carte blanche when it came to our experience. Well, that's all my boys needed to hear. They squeezed and squirted bottles with such moxie I was sure they'd be finding paint in their underwear that evening. We used small sledgehammers to create splatter effects and exploded pouches for a bigger punch of color. Of course, they finger-painted each other with sibling rivalry tags. The experience was liberating for my type-A self. We were able to take our artwork home in a pizza box, which was a thoughtful touch because the canvases were still quite wet.

If you're opting for smash paint, definitely do not wear your Sunday best. While they use non-toxic paints that washed off our skin and clothes easily, we still had to change some items before piling back in the car. Groups and parties are welcome here and even come with a host. 

Catch Movies and Wrestling at Mattituck Cinemas

That's not all: Visit on a weekend and you can catch classic films in the lone remaining movie theater at Mattituck Cinemas. From Friday to Sunday, there are two cinematic options daily. On Saturday nights, step into The Champions Theatre for a live wrestling match. Every seat has a color and you cheer for the wrestler wearing your color. Your ticket includes a burrito and soft drink, while the VIP experience gets you in the first three rows. 

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Axe Throwing and Smash Painting Lucharito's
Grab a bite at Lucharito's concession stand.

Food Options at Axe & Smash

The Lucharito's brand has been synonymous with Long Island's North Fork and now owner Marc LaMaina is the brainchild behind Axe & Smash. Located right next door, Lucharito's serves up tacos, burritos, wings, quesadillas, and more to patrons. I know I mentioned the full bar above, but Lucharito's also serves up their signature margs. Head next door and order or sit down inside or out of Axe & Smash and enjoy your meal. If you're movie-bound and need your salty and sweet snack fix, the concession stand offers popcorn, candy, and warm pretzels from a local shop, Black Sheep.

Admission to Mattituck Cinemas and Axe & Smash

Since these are not pay-one-price attractions, patrons can book separate experiences. Movies are always $5. Tickets for wrestling shows start at $35.99, while axe throwing starts at $25 for 60 minutes and smash painting is $36 for 30 minutes. Booking for all three can be done online and in advance. 

Axe Throwing and Smash Painting  arcade
With no shortage of fun, there is a small arcade and more fun options planned for the future. 

Future Plans for Mattituck Cinemas

What's in store for this cinematic hot spot? Greenport artist Ricky Saetta will be crafting a Rickey TeeVee Indoor Putt Putt course inside the remaining theater that will have an immersive, '80s retro theme that appeals to both kids and adults. Getting Here & Parking

There is plenty of free parking in the Mattituck Plaza shopping center. The LIRR's Mattituck station is a 15-minute walk away. 

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