82nd Street Academics: Preschool & Elementary School for a Lifetime of Learning

82nd Street Academics offers preschool and after school programs

When you’re getting ready to enroll your child in preschool, thinking about college can seem a bit silly. But taking into account that only 65 out of 100 students in New York City graduate from high school, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched that parents might be worrying about their child’s academic future while he’s still in pull-ups.

Our sponsor, 82nd Street Academics in Queens, is interested in a child’s early steps to college, with a proven track record when it comes to not only inspiring kids academically, but also strengthening their skills in areas such as social-emotional health, physical development, language and literacy, and mathematical/cognitive thinking. The end result is clear: 50 percent of kids who have experienced just one program at 82nd Street Academics go on to college, while 80 percent of those who participate in five programs throughout their preschool and elementary school years go on to higher education.

For young children, 82nd Street Academics offers part-time and full-time preschool for kids ages 2½- to -3-years-old—and starting this September, it will also be a part of NYC’s free Universal PreK program for 4-year-old students. The curriculum includes group activities, music and movement, various classroom centers (language, reading, math, etc.) and time spent at the school’s beautiful new playground, which is also open on Saturdays for families to enjoy. Flexible scheduling (7:30am-7pm) is available to make life easier for working parents.

And the school is so sure of its methods that it gives moms and dads complete access to the classrooms, which are equipped with cameras and audio capabilities, so they can keep track of daily activities and be reassured that their child is in a safe environment. Teachers send out daily emails to inform parents about that day’s classroom activities, and what steps parents can take at home to reinforce what's being learned.

For elementary school kids (K to 5th grade), there is an after-school program at three locations in Jackson Heights and a new one opening in Jamaica. Trained staff members help students complete their homework, and then kids engage in literacy activities for about 30 minutes. Once all of their schoolwork is completed—and they finish the snack/meal provided—children participate in a variety of fun and creative activities, such as drama, art, outdoor recreation and science.

There is also a summer program for children in preschool through 8th grade that helps prepare students for the next grade and keeps their skills sharp. It runs in the mornings, so there is plenty of time for summertime fun in the afternoon.

Be sure to check out 82nd Street Academics website for more information on the programs and fees. For more enriching programs in NYC, check out our Classes Guide.

This post is sponsored by 82nd Street Academics, but the opinions are those solely of the author.

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