Yale Peabody Museum Reopens with FREE Admission

Yale University's Peabody Museum reopens after a stunning renovation, and admission is free! Photo  courtesy of the Peabody Museum, Yale University.
Yale University's Peabody Museum reopens after a stunning renovation, and admission is free! Photo courtesy of the Peabody Museum, Yale University.
3/28/24 - By Ally Noel

As the sunlight shines through skylights and illuminates new exhibit halls, it is clear that the Peabody Museum is ready to move into its new era, and it’s about time!  After an extensive four-year renovation, the new Peabody re-opened to the public on March 26, 2024.  Although just about everything has changed, there is still a sense of familiarity that embraces the museum’s first guests. The large murals still grace the walls of Burke Hall, but the Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops have been moved around a bit and re-displayed based on Yale’s latest research. As you walk through Burke Hall you come upon the newly constructed Central Gallery where you can grab a seat and a snack, while looking up at giant fossils suspended above you. 

The emphasis on education is evident throughout the exhibit halls. There are new spaces dedicated to ongoing research at Yale as well as classrooms for educational programming and student-curated exhibition spaces. 

The Yale Peabody Museum is one of Connecticut’s most popular attractions. Founded in 1866, it is home to over 14 million objects and specimens that it preserves and displays more than four billion years of Earth and human history.  


Free Admission to Peabody Museum in CT

The Peabody will join the Yale University Art Gallery and Yale Center of British Arts a a free public admission museum. For the time being, museum guests can reserve a time slot on the Peabody’s website. This system will be in effect for the first month or so of reopening as a way to manage the anticipated crowds. Currently, there is a limit of 5 tickets per customer. A small amount of walk-up tickets will be available at the admissions desk.

More Gallery Space for New Haven Dinosaur Museum

A combination of repurposed former storage, and office space, and building out interior courtyards allowed for a 50 percent increase in exhibition space. Not only is there more gallery pace, but the new spaces are lighter, brighter, and easier to navigate. 

More Accessible Visitor Experience at Peabody Museum

Gallery ambassadors will be located throughout the exhibit halls to share insights, answer questions, and create a sense of community. Updates throughout the gallery spaces have also allowed for the museum to be fully accessible to people with disabilities.  

More to Come for Connecticut's Peabody Museum!

In the coming months, a new gift shop and food concession will be added to the museum. Certain galleries, including Mineralogy and the Living Lab, the Museum’s new living exhibit where you will be able to find live animals and activities to try are also scheduled to open in April. 


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