Best Allergen-Friendly Bakeries in Westchester

gluten-free, nut-free, vegan and dairy-free bakeries in westchester

While the words gluten-free, nut-free, vegan and dairy-free and have long been associated with below-average offerings, this list proves safe-for-everyone snacks don't have to be tasteless. Whether it’s you, your little ones or last-minute house guests, feel free to indulge in allergen-conscious treats from these dietary-restriction-friendly bakers. After all, the simple pleasure of a baked cookie or cupcake should be enjoyed by everyone.

Here are six Westchester bakeries that will cater to your allergies and food preferences, doctor-recommended or not. Check out our Restaurant Guide for more kid-friendly places to eat, and sign up for our FREE newsletters to stay up to date for all things family-friendly in Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley. 

By the Way Bakery – Hastings-on-Hudson
574 Warburton Ave
Dairy- and gluten-Free
This Hastings-on-Hudson establishment offers everything from muffins to cupcakes to tea cakes. Layer cakes and custom cakes are also available at a variety of prices. While the bakery isn't vegan (the kitchen is continually testing vegan options), it does offer egg-free rugelach. Plus, the bakery is kosher. If you aren’t necessarily looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, By the Way offers a killer challah bread.

Heisler’s Pastry – New Rochelle
1321 North Avenue
Though a number of bakeries make an effort to offer treats that don’t contain nuts, Heisler’s is an exclusively nut-free (and kosher) bakery, without compromise. It is very reasonably priced, making it perfect for nut-free classroom birthday parties. Custom cakes are available for order, and check our its enormous black-and-white cookies (see photo above), which are the size of your head! 

Cerbone’s Bake Shop – Rye Brook
140 S. Ridge Street
Gluten-, sugar- and nut-free
This kosher bakery offers sugar-, nut- and gluten-free options of its cookies (gluten-free chocolate cookies are also in stock each day), cakes and cupcakes for special order. All special orders must be placed at least four days in advance of your desired pick-up date. Though it is not an allergen-free facility because of the potential for cross-contamination, Cerbone’s is happy to accommodate to the best of its ability.

Divvies – South Salem
700 Oakridge Common
Nut-, egg- and dairy-free
While this allergen-conscious business is open to the public for pick-up, it is not a storefront bakery. A bulk of its business comes from mail order, and it welcomes customers to the Salem location to pick up orders in person. Its famous cookies (which include chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, traditional sugar, oatmeal raisin and molasses ginger), cupcakes, popcorn snacks and chocolate bars are all baked in a dedicated facility where no eggs, milk, peanuts or tree nuts are allowed

Red Barn Bakery – Irvington
4 South Astor Street
Gluten-free and vegan
The delicious products at Red Barn Bakery are 100 percent organic and are primarily made of locally grown ingredients. The bakery also offers gluten-free items such as breakfast cookies, slices of carrot cake, scones and brownies. An assortment of vegan products is also available.

Patisserie Salzburg – Scarsdale
1 Christie Place
This European-style cafe, which has locations in both Scarsdale and Rye, stocks several options for the gluten-free sweets lover in your entourage. Treats include Sarah Bernhardts (a personal favorite), Opera Cake, coconut macaroons and French macarons. It also offers a gluten-free veggie lasagna should you decide to stay for lunch.

By the Way Bakery
574 Warburton Avenue
10706 Hastings-on-Hudson , NY
Phone: 914-478-0555
40° 59' 45.0492" N, 73° 52' 54.7212" W
New York
Heisler's Pastry
1321 North Avenue
10804 New Rochelle , NY
Phone: 914-235-8201
40° 56' 48.8184" N, 73° 47' 43.6416" W
New York
Carbon's Bake Shop
140 South Ridge Street
10573 Rye Brook , NY
Phone: 914-937-5474
41° 0' 8.1108" N, 73° 40' 51.798" W
New York
700 Oakridge Common
10590 South Salem , NY
Phone: 914-533-0333
41° 12' 53.2116" N, 73° 31' 1.0848" W
New York
Red Barn Bakery
4 South Astor Street
10533 Irvington , NY
Phone: 914-231-7779
41° 2' 16.5732" N, 73° 52' 23.0628" W
New York
Patisserie Salzburg
1 Christie Place
10803 Scarsdale , NY
Phone: 914-472-8300
40° 59' 25.8252" N, 73° 48' 23.4072" W
New York