Top NYC Under the Radar Preschools

3/3/07 - By Anna Fader
It's not hard to find out which are the most prestigious preschools in NYC. Just search for "TT preschool"(top tier preschool) on the urbanbaby schools board and you'll hear more than you ever wanted to know on the subject - and we mean that literally. It's not that helpful, however, since you'll then have to lose a year of your life to anxiety and possibly have to murder someone in order to get your child in to this fabulous school of your dreams. What would be useful to know is what are the good preschools in New York that you can have a reasonable expectation of sending your child to without living out a season of Desperate Housewives meets Survivor. So Mommy Poppins is rounding up a list of those schools, the under the radar NYC preschools you can't believe nobody else is clambering to get in to. We definitely think The Downtown Little School in the Financial District, which we posted about yesterday, fits the bill and, as we post more, we'll try to hit as many neighborhoods as we can. To see the schools we've reviewed, check out the Preschools category in the sidebar where you'll find all the articles about preschool that have appeared on Mommy Poppins. If you know a school you think should be on the Under the Radar NYC Preschool list email Mommy Poppins or leave a comment.