The Joy of Google Cooking

Macmillan's Online Dictionary has featured the phrase Fridge Googling, a term coined by the online parenting community, as its term of the week. Have you heard the term? Is it something your family does? Fridge Googling, it has also been known as Google Cooking, is to look for recipes online by searching for the ingredients you have in your fridge or pantry. It's a good way for busy parents to keep fresh food from wasting before it goes bad, find a meal from what you have at home, rather than getting take-out - or maybe you just need a little everyday inspiration. (For more cooking inspiration check out menu planners.) Now that Google will plan out our menus, we just need those Google bots to come and cook for us. How to Fridge Google: Just type in the ingredients you want to use plus the word "recipe." You may want to also enter the type of recipe you want to help narrow down the results. You can also use recipe sites, the Mommy Poppins favorite is, which have great ingredient search functions. (via ParentHacks)
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