Quality Time: Plant Some Garbage

Quality Time postings are dedicated to activities for spending time with your kids to get the most out of your time together.

Kids of all ages love gardening projects, especially ones that magically transform something from one thing to another. One minute that big juicy oval thing is a piece of fruit sitting on their plate, and the next it's an activity. Talk about getting to play with your food!

Everybody knows how to plant an avocado, but did you know you can also plant many other things like pineapples and mangos. Mangos actually make one of the most attractive houseplants.

To plant a mango, pry open the pit of a ripe mango with a knife, being careful not to pierce the seed. Plant the seed on its side, 1/2 inch below the soil's surface. Place in full sun, and cover with a glass or plastic until it sends up a leafy shoot. The seed will sprout in two to three weeks.

If you want many more ideas of garbage you can plant, pick up a copy of the book After Dinner Gardening Book. It's out of print, but they do sell used copies on Amazon.

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