Baby Loves Disco, but Mommy says wait

8/8/07 - By Anna Fader

I swore I'd never stand in line behind a velvet rope again. But when I heard about Baby Loves Disco


, I thought, sounds like the perfect Saturday afternoon activity. Adults get to drink alcohol & revisit the club scene they left behind, while their babies, toddlers and kids 6 months to 6 years get to dance, snack & play with toys. The bouncers even double as stroller valets (now there's something you won't find at S.O.Bs). So off we went with our 9 month old to meet up with some friends whose kids ranged from 2-4.We quickly learned 9 months was a little too young to be hitting the club scene, even on a Saturday afternoon. The adults outnumbered the kids by a lot and ours, was trying to do her drunken sailor walk through a sea of giants, and a crowded sea at that. The older kids had fun, they got drunk on juice and ended up hitting the temporary tattoo parlor, entered a dance contest and played while their parents nibbled on cheese and some cold brews. I was disappointed in the amount of toys, and the bubbles, featured on the website, were nowhere to be found. But it was a truly New York experience, and I will definitely go back when our little one can walk on her own. Baby Loves Disco takes place monthly at Club Element on the LES and in Brooklyn.