AMC Returns Favorite Disney Princess Movies to Theaters

Disney Princess Movie Marathon at AMC Theaters Nationwide: Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and More

Disney and AMC Theatres have joined forces to return some of the most popular princess-themed movies of years past to the theater this fall, including the original Beauty and the Beast from (gasp) 1991, and slightly more recent faves like the fiery, bow-and-arrow wielding redhead from Brave (2012).

If you have a gown-loving, but rambunctious little kid in your life, she or he may already know these flicks inside and out, but they were probably too young to catch them on the big screen. Tickets are already on sale for this princess movie fest featuring a diverse set of heroines, which will play in September and October at select AMC theaters across the country, so grab them while you can.

Read on for more info on how you can catch these six fairy tale heroes this fall. 

The Dream Big, Princess, a six-movie marathon, features some of the most classic films (and princess-as-heroine themes) the entertainment company has ever released. Check out the schedule below:

Beauty & the Beast, the 1991 fully animated version, plays September 15–21. It runs for less than 90 minutes (remember those days?), and is rated G.

Mulan, the 1998 flick starring a brave Chinese warrior who's better with her sword than any tiara, plays September 22–28. Rated G and runs for just 1 hour and 28 minutes. (Tip: Look for a live action version of Mulan from Disney in 2018!)

Tangled, the 2010 modern take on a Rapunzel who is less damsel than we'd been led to believe, plays September 29–October 5. Note: Rated PG and running 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The Princess and the Frog, a 2009 Disney release, where the princess is a hardworking, beautiful young black woman in New Orleans with a big dream, plays October 6–12. It's rated G and plays 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Brave (2012 release) and its the hard-charging, dress-hating Scottish princess, plays October 13–19. It's also rated PG for some scenes (the bear!) that might be too frightening for little ones, and it runs a little longer at 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Tickets are now available for advance purchase on AMC's website, or check your local AMC theater's site for showtimes. Some shows are screening in the dine-in theaters, so it could make an extra special post-school treat for some lucky kids.

Brave photo courtesy of Disney.