Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Sandcastles, Dragon Boats, Crawfish, and Salsa

The Love Long Beach Festival spreads the magic of Long Beach. Photo courtesy of the festival
Things to do for Los Angeles Families this July weekend

It's that time of year again. We're just happily going about our middle of summer business, doing sandy things and beachy things (long beachy things). We're going into the water (but don't go into the water!) And have you checked the temps? It's kinda warm—that's a sure sign of summer. And yet...

And yet. Another quick check of the calendar tells us that we are at the end of July. The end. Which may have been midsummer once upon a time ago, but is a mere few weeks before the start of—what now?—the 19/20 school year. Back to school, you say?

And yet. If summer is coming to a close, why is there so much of it still going on? Why is there so much of it yet to begin? Why are we having the summertime time of our lives??? Perhaps there's still some summer in us yet!

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