Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Oshogatsu, Bricks LA, & Goodbye to the Holidays

A fantasy of light transforms the Arboretum into an evening wonderland at the Moonlight Forest Lantern Display. Photo courtesy of the arboretum
Things to do with Los Angeles families at the end of winter break

We're coming at ya brand spankin' new. Hot off the presses, fresh off the grill, just out the toaster, we hand you the two oh one nine, full of sheen and sparkle and that new year smell. On this, the first weekend of the new year, deeply infused with the spirit of rebirth, we proudly present to you the newly minted....

...closing weekends of a bunch of holiday favorites. (Is it too soon to break out the 2018 nostalgia?)  Because really, you're not emotionally available to engage with a new year until you've gotten closure with the previous one. Last year was a bit of a dog anyway (though in truth I hear this new year is a pig).

There is much to come in this new year, much to look forward to. But for now, just chill and enjoy the ride. It's gonna be a great year.

Keep reading for our most 2019ish events for this weekend...