Halloween Trunk-or-Treat Locations in Fairfield County

Trunk or Treat in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Do you live in a part of Fairfield County where the roads are windy and you don't have any sidewalks or streetlights? There is a simpler and safer alternative to trick-or-treating called Trunk-or-Treat. Haven't heard of it? It's like a Halloween tailgate, where families gather in a church or community parking lot and children trick-or-treat from car to decorated car. These popular events confine the confections to a safe, central spot and many of them aim to keep the mayhem to a minimum. Trunk-or-Treats tend to start early, so you don't have to deal with any spooky meltdowns in the dark. Better yet, these events usually add more fun to the mix with food, activities, games, and even campfires. In our round up, we've included Trunk-or-Treat events as well as similarly structured events that provide a centralized trick-or-treating experience.

All you really need to do is dress the kids in their costumes, pile into the car, and show up at one of these events. But if you want to be part of the fun, just call ahead to find out the details about volunteering your own trunk or tailgate. The other great thing is that these events typically aren't scheduled for Halloween night... just don't tell your kids or else they'll go into sugar shock just thinking about all of the trunk-or-treating possibilities.

Photo courtesy of Katie Valentine Vaheb

Stew Leonard's Trunk or Treat—Norwalk, Danbury
For the first year, Stew Leonard's is inviting children, along with their families, to trick-or-treat from 40 decorated trunks in the store's parking lot. One car featuring the best spooky or wacky decorations will win a $100 gift card to Stew Leonard's!

McKinley School Trunk or Treat—Fairfield
This popular trunk-or-treat is hosted by the PTA from McKinley Elementary School. Previous year's events have drawn over 800 people and all proceeds raised help support the school. 

Photo courtesy of Kristen Liebelt

Trunk-or-Treat Street—Redding
This event turns the parking lot of the Redding Community Center into Trunk or Treat Street, where costumed kids get candy from elaborately decorated cars. The community center will be open with refreshments and musical entertainment. Admission is one bag of candy per child. Preregistration requested.

Trick-or-Treat Street—Bethel
This annual event kicks off with a magic show at the Municipal Center followed by Halloween activities on the lawn and Trick-or-Treating along Greenwood Avenue. The events will be followed by a movie on the Green. 

Photo courtesy of Christen Pond

Halloween Walk—Ridgefield
The merchants of Ridgefield open their doors to local trick-or-treaters during the day. 

Noroton Presbyterian Church—Darien
There are two rules here: nothing scary and have fun! Treats will be handed out from decorated trunks in the church's parking area. 

Halloween on the Green—Fairfield
Formerly known as "Trick or Treat on Safety Street," this town-wide event has moved to the grounds of the Fairfield Museum and History Center and will include a Halloween village, a costume parade, and a pet parade.

This popular family event hosted by the Word Alive Church includes games, activities, and candy for children up to age 10.

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Originally published on 10/9/2012.

McKinley School
60 Thompson Street
06825 Fairfield , CT
Phone: 203-255-8318
41° 10' 45.8544" N, 73° 14' 15.666" W
Union Memorial Church
58 Church Street
06906 Stamford , CT
Phone: 203-324-6715
41° 4' 16.2624" N, 73° 31' 17.2272" W
Municipal Center Lawn
1 School Street
06801 Bethel , CT
Phone: 203-743-6500
41° 22' 21.7236" N, 73° 24' 46.4436" W
Redding Community Center
37 Lonetown Rd
06896 Redding , CT
Phone: 203-938-2551
41° 18' 39.4236" N, 73° 23' 5.0712" W
Noroton Presbyterian Church
2011 Post Rd
06820 Darien , CT
Phone: 203-655-1451
41° 3' 38.0556" N, 73° 29' 18.1212" W
Fairfield Museum and History Center
370 Beach Rd
06824 Fairfield , CT
Phone: 203‑259‑1598
41° 8' 28.6836" N, 73° 14' 55.5036" W
Brookfield Town Hall
100 Pocono Road
06804 Brookfield , CT
Phone: 203-775-7310
41° 27' 55.7496" N, 73° 23' 58.1352" W
Eagle Riders 588
6 Mott Street
06850 Norwalk , CT
Phone: 203-838-5003
41° 7' 0.2568" N, 73° 24' 59.94" W
Stew Leonard's of Danbury
99 Federal Road
06811 Danbury , CT
Phone: 203-790-8030
41° 24' 47.0232" N, 73° 25' 29.6832" W
Stew Leonard's of Norwalk
100 Westport Ave
06851 Norwalk , CT
Phone: 203-847-7214
41° 7' 23.5236" N, 73° 24' 7.1748" W