Gated Playgrounds: Valley Parks with Fences for LA Kids

Enclosed or gated playgrounds for children

The idea of a gated playground is quite appealing. Sometimes we need the boundaries we set to be literal. Containment, especially when you’re dealing with toddlers, is the name of the game. That said, my daughter was a runner and no park fence would have been enough to keep her nearby if there was something on the horizon that caught her attention. Nevertheless, for some families a closed gate is all it takes to make a park visit work; and for the rest of us it is occasionally nice to have at least the illusion of security that an enclosed playground provides. Here are a few nice ones in the Valley (to add to our popular list of Westside gated playgrounds):

Lincoln Park
300 N. Buena Vista Burbank, CA  91505
(818) 238-5300
A small neighborhood park in the heart of Burbank, Lincoln Park has some picnic tables, a little grass and a playground that is entirely enclosed. 

McCambridge Recreation Center
1515 N. Glenoaks Blvd.  Burbank, CA  91504
(818) 238-5378
Also in Burbank, Mc Cambridge Recreation Center has a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball and two enclosed play areas one for toddlers and another for big kids.

Encino Park
16953 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA  91316
(818) 995-1690
Encino Park, (locals refer to it as Genesta), has recently been redone and there are now two enclosed playgrounds.

Old Meadows Park
1600 Marview Drive Thousand Oaks, CA  91362
(805) 495-6471
In addition to being enclosed, the playground at Old Meadows Park in Thousand Oaks has a SenseAbility Playground, which is a sensory interactive play area designed to stimulate.  Among the unique play pieces there are a miniature driving village, elevated sand table, a marimba and a language panel.

Warner Center Park
5800 Topanga Canyon  Woodland Hills, CA  91367
(818) 756-8060
After the kids run around safely in the gated playground at Warner Center Park in Woodland Hills, they will be too tired to stray from the picnic blanket while you enjoy a concert in the band shell or movie on the green.

Chatsworth Oaks Park
9301 Valley Circle Blvd.  Chatsworth, CA  91311
(818) 341-5595
Chatsworth Oaks Park offers the best of both worlds.  The fenced in playground is great when you need a break but it is surrounded by miles of scenic and manageable hiking trails when you are ready for adventure.

Bernice Bennett Park
31800 Village Center Road Westlake Village, CA  91361
(818) 706-1613
Bernice Bennett Park in Westlake Village has a partially enclosed children’s playground, a dog station, walking path and plenty of parking.

Calabasas Highlands Park
23581 Summit Drive Calabasas, CA  91302
(818) 880-6461
The playground at Highlands Park in Calabasas is mostly enclosed by a rustic wooden fence.  Trees provide shade and who knows you might spot a coyote!

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Lincon Park
300 North Buena Vista
91505 Burbank , CA 34° 9' 50.2344" N, 118° 19' 48.8676" W
McCambridge Recreation Center
1515 North Glenoaks Blvd.
Burbank , CA
Phone: 91504
34° 11' 33.7236" N, 118° 19' 15.0312" W
Encino Park
16953 Ventura Blvd.
91316 Encino , CA 34° 9' 34.5672" N, 118° 30' 8.9532" W
Old Meadows Park
1600 Marview Drive
91362 Thousand Oaks , CA 34° 11' 49.7328" N, 118° 49' 28.9992" W
Warner Center Park
5800 Topanga Canyon
91367 Woodland Hills , CA 34° 10' 42.8484" N, 118° 36' 19.7712" W
Chatsworth Oaks
9301 Valley Circle Blvd.
91311 Chatsworth , CA 34° 14' 23.1504" N, 118° 37' 45.1236" W
Bernice Bennett Park
31800 Village Center Road
91361 Westlake Village , CA 34° 8' 47.8932" N, 118° 48' 57.4956" W
Highlands Park
23581 Summit Drive
91302 Calabasas , CA 34° 7' 47.1216" N, 118° 38' 32.8812" W