25 Things To Do in Barcelona with Kids

Tour Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and discover countless symbols that Gaudí scattered in his most famous piece of architecture. Photo by Anna Fader
Tour Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and discover countless symbols that Gaudí scattered in his most famous piece of architecture. Photo by Anna Fader
1/5/20 - By Dianna Dilworth

Barcelona is a city so gorgeous and lively that you’ll never run out of things to look at or do here. But plan your family trip with our list of kid-tested top 25 things to do in Barcelona and even the fussiest kid will be charmed by the Catalan capital.

I've visited the city several times with my two kids under age 8 and found the people welcoming, the public transportation reliable, and an abundance of cafes open around the clock for hungry little travelers. From giant slides to aquariums to Gaudi—and with a good dose of ice cream thrown in, these Barcelona attractions are sure to keep everyone engaged. Plan ahead for some of these activities with online tickets but leave room in the daily sightseeing schedule for a few spontaneous adventures, too, including picnicking in local gardens. Read on for the top things to do in Barcelona when traveling with kids. 

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1. Arc de Triomf Barcelona

Chase and pop bubbles at the Arc de Triomf Barcelona

Gawk at the wildlife at the Barcelona Zoo. 

2. Barcelona Zoo

Visit the Komodo dragons, meet peacocks and ride the ziplines at the Barcelona Zoo.

3. Barcelona Aquarium

Wander under the sharks and feed fish through baby bottles at the Barcelona Aquarium.

4. Park Güell

Play make-believe throughout Gaudi’s fantastical Park Güell.

5. Barcelona Cathedral

Take an elevator to the top of the Barcelona Cathedral for a great view.

6. Barceloneta

Play volleyball and splash in the waves at the beach at Barceloneta.

7. ​Montjuic Castle

Ride a cable car with an ocean view to Montjuic Castle and then ride down the giant slides.

Take a break from walking and relax at Cuitadella Park. 

8. Ciutadella Park

Do cartwheels and watch the tightrope walkers in the grassy Ciutadella Park.

Catch a soccer match at Camp Nou.

9. Camp Nou

Channel your inner football player exploring the FC Barcelona stadium in Camp Nou.

10. Mossen Costa Llobera Gardens

Enjoy the cactus, palm trees, and roses hiking through the Mossen Costa Llobera Gardens.

The best views of the city might be from the rides at Barcelona's Tibidabo amusement Park. 

11. Tibidabo

Look down on the city from the rides at Barcelona's classic amusement park Tibidabo.

12. Olympic Park

Explore the 1992 Olympics with a visit to the Olympic Park in Montjuic.

13. Gothic district 

Wander medieval streets of the Gothic district and let the kids snack on chocolate churros.

14. Las Ramblas

Take a walk down Barcelona's Las Ramblas and watch for the living human statues or street performers. The popular thoroughfare is packed with shops and cafes.

Exploring La Boqueria Market and other markets are among our favorite things to do in Barcelona.

15. La Boqueria Market

Fill a sack with gummy candies at La Boqueria Market and check out the weird fish in the market.

16. El Rei de la Màgia

Shop for magic tricks at the El Rei de la Màgia.

17. Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Visit Gaudi’s unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral, which has been under construction for more than 130 years.

18. Maritime Museum

Channel your inner explorer and check out the ships at the Maritime Museum.

The gelato at Gelatology is almost too pretty to eat. 

19. Gelato

Eat an artisanal gelato on the Passeig del Born.

20. Jardin de Laribal

Admire the mobiles at the Joan Miró Foundation and then have a picnic in the Jardin de Laribal. 

21. Museu Picasso

Learn about Picasso’s different styles of paintings throughout the decades at the Museu Picasso

22. Columbus Monument

See where Christopher Columbus set sail to explore the new world under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand V at the Columbus Monument.

23. Visit a Market

Eat some patatas bravas and sardines at a fresh food market such as Mercat de la Concepcio and Santa Caterina Market.

24. Jardins de Joan Brossa

Let the kids run and climb at the Jardins de Joan Brossa playgrounds.

25. Barcelona Bosc Urbà

Ride the zip lines near the sea at Barcelona Bosc Urbà.   

Whether you're visiting for spring break, summer, or the holidays, year-round art and culture await in this vibrant Spanish city. These are our top 25 things to do in Barcelona, but we're sure your family will stumble upon even more activities during your trip.                                                                                    

Unless noted, photos courtesy of Visit Barcelona