25 Reasons LA Is the Best Place to Grow Up or Raise Kids!

4/14/15 - By Roberta B

Whether you moved out here, leaving a trail of envious family and friends who all imagine your life as an endless stream of Brangelina sightings and half-caf chai lattes, or you're one of those rare local novelties, the born-and-bred Angeleno who remembers what this place was like before the rest of us arrived—here you are raising your children in Southern California. Anyone can tell you SoCal is inherently pleasant (and a dry heat), but raising kids in the LA area goes way beyond pleasant. In so many ways, LA is the BEST place to raise (or be) kids! Here are 25 reasons that your children are lucky to be growing up the Angeleno way.


  1. Random day off = Disneyland
  2. Surfing is our soccer.
  3. We get movies before everyone else.
  4. Sand angels!
  5. Every town in every movie looks familiar (because they’re all really here).
  6. The JPL folks let us check out their new space toys every year.
  7. Snow is a thing we visit.
  8. Not just one but TWO presidential museums
  9. Not just one but TWO baseball teams (and you can always get tickets on game day).
  10. We ice skate in tank tops. 
  11. Top level sports coaches all settle here eventually.
  12. Out of town family loves coming to visit.
  13. Trick-or-treating never involves wearing coats over costumes.
  14. We have muchisimos bilingual school options.
  15. Birthday parties can be held outside in January.
  16. A day of skiing can finish at the beach.
  17. We go years at a time without smelling a cigarette.
  18. Sand sledding!
  19. Seasons, schmeasons: we play whatever sport we want, whenever we want.
  20. At some point you always see someone you know on TV.
  21. Want to be on TV yourself? Nag Mom & Dad to let you audition, and you'll get there.
  22. Outdoor shopping malls
  23. Camping is as close as 20 minutes away, and hiking even closer.
  24. Day camp is at the beach.
  25. Seeing concerts means going to the Hollywood Bowl - which parents totally dig.

Photo by the author