Make a Fairy or Dragon Garden

Make a fairy garden! Photo by Molly Triplett via Unsplash
Make a fairy garden! Photo by Molly Triplett via Unsplash
4/10/07 - By Anna Fader

A fairy garden is a miniature garden. It has dollhouse-sized garden accessories and miniature plants so that it looks like a tiny little garden for fairies. Kids love gardening, creating their own worlds and they especially love anything their-sized, so making a fairy garden is a great activity for kids.


This is one of those family activities that you can do with the kids, but the truth is, I'd want to do it anyway, even if I didn't have kids. I had never heard about fairy gardens before, but when I saw these adorable little things I knew I had to make one.

I've always wanted to have one of those cottage gardens you see in the magazines. You know the ones that are a little bit rustic with a stone path winding through it. Even if I didn't live in an apartment, I know I could never in a million years pull a garden like that off, but on a teeny tiny scale, that, I think, I could handle.

Use any container and get plants from the farmer's market, nursery or florist. Then the fun begins. Kids get to plan out their garden and use their creativity to figure out what accessories to put in it. They may also want to draw out maps or diagrams of their gardens.

Kids can let their imaginations run thinking of creative things they can use to create little paths, benches, a house; whatever they want to put in their gardens. Will they find pebbles to make a garden path? Will a nut shell on its side make a little house? Sticks for a fence? It's like creating their own little world.

If your boy (or girl) doesn't want to make a home for fairies, they can make a dragon's lair or a prehistoric dinosaur landscape, or anything their imaginations go to.

To make it even easier, you can buy this Wee Enchanted Garden kit to get started.

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