10 Places Where Long Island Kids Can Learn to Cook & Bake

Cooking and Baking Classes for Long Island Kids

It’s never too early to teach kids the importance of eating healthy, and what better way to do that then also showing them how to cook nutritious meals. (OK, fine, sweets-baking is also fun for kids!) Not only will they master some important kitchen skills, but it can also improve their fine motor skills, boost math comprehension (thanks to all that measuring), and encourage them to try new foods. We’ve rounded up 10 places that offer cooking and baking classes on Long Island, so go ahead and encourage your future Emeril or Giada to get cooking! And for more enrichment programs, check out our Classes Guide.

Nassau County

A la Carte 
32 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook
(516) 599-2922
A la Carte offers a variety of cooking classes for kids and teens. Classes include: a Culinary Arts Preliminary Series, as well as Junior Chef classes, and you can register online for both.

Celebrations in the Kitchen 
63 East Old Country Road, Hicksville
(516) 396-2193
Celebrations in the Kitchen is the perfect place for your little baker. From Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas and Hanukkah, kids can learn to mix, mold, bake and decorate a variety of holiday goodies.

Kitchen Time’s Party Place 
691 Broadway, Massapequa
(516) 795-4980
Kitchen Time’s offers classes for children of all ages featuring entire meals of recipes to challenge and teach kitchen skills . Parents can sign their kids up for a monthly class or create a private class with friends. New classes include Frozen-themed baking classes. Think Olaf-inspired cookies, blue cakes that look "frozen", snowball sweets, and more. Parties available.

What’s Cooking 
30 East Main St., Oyster Bay
(516) 922-2665
What’s Cooking is a culinary school for children. There are Mommy & Me classes, as well as a JR Chef program. Kids will learn to create international dishes, desserts, side dishes, and more. The school can even create a customized class for you with four or more friends.

The Well Seasoned Chef  
45 New Hyde Park Road, Garden City
(516) 488-1008
Formerly Sugar & Spice, The Well Seasoned Chef  offers weekly classes that focus on fun, healthy and creative recipes. Each two-hour class will include knife skills, kitchen safety, Culinary Education and a hands-on approach to cooking.  Their popular College 101 cooking classes may be of interest for a high schooler in your life. Parties available with cooking themes such as pizza, sous chef, executive chef, and more.

Suffolk County

The Baking Coach
320 Broadway-Greenlawn Road, Huntington and Amityville
(855) 376-2096
The Baking Coach offers a variety of classes for kids, such as cookie and cupcake decorating workshops, pizza and pretzel workshops, cake pops, and in the wintertime, Gingerbread House-decorating.

Let's Cook Long Island
Kids as young as age two can take the following cooking classes: Creating Savory Sandwiches, Growing and Cooking With Herbs, Chicka Chicka Chickpeas, and so much more. The instructor is Healthy Hands Cooking certified, and you can register online for classes, which are held in Coram.


Cook with Class 
(917) 704-9056
Chef Rob of Cook with Class can help kids ages five and up learn about cooking and nutrition. He will explain where the food comes from, show how to prepare it, and help your kids become healthier and happier in the process.

Sur La Table 
630 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, 631-619-9058
1468 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset, 516-365-3928
Sur La Table offers a variety of cooking and baking classes for kids and their parents, such as 3-Day Sweet Adventures, Confident Cooking for Kids, Confident Cooking for Teens, Celebration Cakes, Kids Baking: Sweet Adventures, and more. Register online.

Shop Rite (various locations)
The Supermarket chain offers cooking classes for kids; ask an employee about the classes at a Shop Rite store near you. Recent classes for kids in Uniondale included: Fourth of July-themed snacks, Burger Bash, Chef for a Day, and more. All on-site cooking classes led by a local dietician.

Top image: The Well Seasoned Chef; internal: Let's Cook Long Island

A La Carte
32 Atlantic Ave
11563 Lynbrook , NY
Phone: (516) 599-2922
40° 39' 22.0104" N, 73° 40' 16.9716" W
New York
Celebrations in the Kitchen
63 East Old Country Road
11801 Hicksville , NY
Phone: (516) 396-2193
40° 45' 53.9244" N, 73° 30' 59.1984" W
New York
Kitchen Time's Party Place
691 Broadway
11758 Massapequa , NY
Phone: (516) 795-4980
40° 41' 27.0636" N, 73° 27' 57.3264" W
New York
The Well Seasoned Chef
45 New Hyde Park Road
11531 Garden City , NY
Phone: (516) 488-1008
40° 43' 4.1664" N, 73° 40' 45.1956" W
New York
What's Cooking
30 East Main St.
11801 Oyster Bay , NY
Phone: (516) 922-2665
40° 52' 19.9812" N, 73° 31' 46.0812" W
New York
Sue La Table
630 Smith Haven Mall
11755 Lake Grove , NY
Phone: 631-619-9058
40° 51' 55.3464" N, 73° 7' 56.3808" W
New York
Sur La Table
1468 Northern Boulevard
11030 Manhasset , NY
Phone: 516-365-3928
40° 47' 35.6568" N, 73° 41' 31.6644" W
New York
The Baking Coach
320 Broadway-Greenlawn Road
11743 Huntington , NY
Phone: 631-543-8608
40° 50' 42.18" N, 73° 21' 58.9824" W
New York
Let's Cook Long Island
1672 Route 112
Coram , NY 40° 54' 4.536" N, 73° 1' 23.2428" W
New York