Yoga Classes and Birthday Parties for Boston Kids

Many local yoga studios offer classes for children and teenagers that are specifically tailored to their abilities and needs.

Many adults love attending yoga classes for exercise or just to relax, and now kids in the Boston area can get the same benefits. Several local yoga studios offer classes – and sometimes birthday parties – specifically tailored to kids and teenagers. With short days and cold weather upon us, this is the perfect time of year for kids to try a new indoor activity like yoga. Here are 18 great options in the Boston area for future yogis: 


Bare Bones Yoga: This roving studio teaches youth yoga classes at various locations in the Boston area under the Little Bones Kids Yoga title. Bare Bones also offers a course on teaching yoga to children.

Blissful Monkey Yoga Studio: Bring kids ages 3-6 years old to Blissful Monkey’s children’s yoga classes at the Jamaica Plain studio.

KidPowerment Yoga: This mobile yoga studio teaches classes for kids as young as two-and-a-half years old, all the way up to teenagers at various locations in the Boston area.

Radiant Child Yoga: Operated through GroovyBabyMusic, Radiant Child Yoga offers youth classes at various locations (soon to include the Boston Public Market) throughout Boston.

Yoginikids: In addition to teaching classes at various local studios, Yoginikids can come to your child’s daycare or school to teach classes. Yoginikids also offers therapeutic yoga that can help boost self-esteem, regulate emotion and instill confidence.

Greater Boston

Coolidge Corner Yoga: This studio offers a comprehensive selection of yoga classes for children, from Toddler Yoga (ages 1.5-3.5) to Yogi Blossoms (girls ages 8-12) and Peaceful Warriors (boys ages 8-12) and everything in between.

J-9’s Kids Yoga: Janine Duffy teaches yoga to kids ages 1-14 in age-specific classes geared to the kids’ abilities and needs. J-9 runs many classes and workshops out of Bow Street Yoga in Somerville.

Om Namo Center: Based in Cambridge, the Om Namo Center often offers classes specifically tailored to kids and teens.

Some.Yoga.Studio: Lisa Natale teaches yoga classes in the house where she was raised in Somerville and often incorporates kids and family classes into her schedule. Some.Yoga.Studio is also available for kids yoga birthday parties.

North of Boston

Borealis Community Yoga: This Medford studio offers coed kids yoga classes in multi-week sessions. Borealis is trying to start a pre-teen girls yoga class and is looking for interested participants.

Prana Power Yoga: The Winchester location of Prana Power Yoga offers classes for kids ages 3-6 and 5-8.  There's also the option to host a children’s birthday party at the studio.

South of Boston

Inspire Kids Yoga: Taught at various locations on Boston’s South Shore, Inspire Kids Yoga offers classes specifically for preteen girls, for preschool and kindergartners and mommy (or caregiver) and me yoga.

West of Boston

Black Crow Yoga: This Arlington Studio offers Teen Yoga (ages 12-17) in multi-week sessions during the school year.

Buddhaful Kids Yoga: Taught at Laughing Dog Studio in Wellesley, Buddhaful Kids Yoga offers Kiddie Classes (ages 7-12) and Teen Yoga (ages 13-17) as well as private sessions.

Core Balance: This Belmont studio offers yoga classes for Yogi Beginnings (ages 2-4, with caregivers), Yoga Monkeys (ages 4-6), Rising Yogis (ages 7-11) and Yoga Stars (ages 10-13) as well as options for birthday parties and classroom instruction.

Down Under Yoga: The Newton location of Down Under Yoga offers a comprehensive range of yoga classes for kids as young as 3-6 years old and teens (14+) looking to take their practice to the next level.

Happy Healthy Kids Fitness Studio: Run out of the Ready, Set, Kids! Family Enrichment Center in Arlington, Happy Healthy Kids offers yoga for babies (with moms) and kids, including those with special needs.

Spirit Bear Power Yoga: This Natick studio offers Spirit Cubs Kids Yoga classes at various times throughout the year that are announced on its website.

Image courtesy of Some.Yoga.Studio.

Black Crow Yoga
201 Broadway
02474 Arlington , MA 42° 24' 43.038" N, 71° 8' 38.6916" W
Blissful Monkey Yoga Studio
663 Centre St.
02130 Jamaica Plain , MA 42° 18' 45.7704" N, 71° 6' 50.9328" W
Borealis Community Yoga
34 Salem St.
02155 Medford , MA 42° 25' 7.1364" N, 71° 6' 30.5352" W
Laughing Dog Yoga Studio (Buddhaful Kids Yoga)
159 Linden St.
02482 Wellesley , MA 42° 17' 57.228" N, 71° 17' 35.3364" W
Coolidge Corner Yoga
297 Beacon St.
02446 Brookline , MA 42° 19' 58.9368" N, 71° 10' 16.608" W
Core Balance
173 Belmont St.
02478 Belmont , MA 42° 22' 33.438" N, 71° 9' 26.2188" W
Down Under Yoga
306 Walnut St.
02460 Newtown , MA 42° 21' 1.3284" N, 71° 12' 23.5584" W
Ready, Set, Kids! (Happy Healthy Kids)
284 Broadway
02474 Arlington , MA 42° 24' 49.6512" N, 71° 8' 56.5548" W
Bow Street Yoga (J-9)
34 Bow St.
02143 Somerville , MA 42° 22' 52.5468" N, 71° 5' 51.4248" W
Om Nano Center
21 Belmont St.
02138 Cambridge , MA 42° 22' 30.0468" N, 71° 9' 3.636" W
Prana Power Yoga
356 Cambridge Road
01801 Winchester , MA 42° 27' 40.032" N, 71° 9' 58.8096" W
370 Medford St.
02145 Somerville , MA 42° 23' 21.5016" N, 71° 5' 51.54" W
Spirit Bear Poweroga
19 Main St.
01760 Natick , MA 42° 17' 3.3252" N, 71° 20' 51.4932" W