That's My Name! Best Shops for Personalized Gifts in New Jersey

Personalized gifts are so whimsical and fun; especially if you have a unique name. This holiday season, nab the special children in your life a personalized gift, such as a water bottle, hat, step stool, or even a toy chest. Below is a list of really fun shops that can help you select a name-adorned item kids will cherish. And don't forget to view our family-friendly 25 Best Things to Do in New Jersey for the Holidays list as you prep for end of year festivities.

Be Craftful (Fanwood)
It's a shop, it's a party haven, it's a crafting space for kids of all ages, it's ridiculously entertaining...and it also carries tons of fun items that can be totally decked out, such as wands, furniture, sports bottles, and superhero capes.

Handcrafters (Livingston)
This too-precious shop specializes in hand painted step stools, piggy banks and rocking chairs. Other popular items are embroidered duffels in denim and also in camoflauge. They even have personalized mini pianos for the little Liberace in your life.

Simply Personalized (Rahway)
Books, especially ones with Disney-themed are popular sellers at this online shop; and popular titles that can be personalized include 12 Days of Christmas, Big Sisters are Great! and I'd Do Anything for You. Additional name-adorned gift items include towels, growth charts, crayon aprons and more.

My Mommy Made It!  (Wyckoff)
A Wyckoff gem, this boutique not only carries whimsical gifts for babies and kids, but also has a large section of party favors if you're seeking some goody bag doodads. Personalization is free on items such as mini lockers, lap desks, pull wagons, bookends, and much more. Online shopping available.

Write on Gifts (Denville)
All personalized items available from this chic boutique are hand painted by a mother-daughter team of artists. Write on Gifts aims to carry a vast selection of unusual items such as a kiddie beach chair with matching umbrella, high chairs, rocking horses and more. Some of the more popular items this season have been table and chair sets, easels and vanity tables and stools. They ship, too.

the paint tube (Englewood)
At this storefront and online ecommerce shop, everything is special and can be "custom" done to the customer's liking. Many popular gifts for babies include hand painted piggy banks, stools, picture frames
minky baby blankets, cut out wood names, accent children furniture pieces and more.

Image: My Mommy Made It!