Best Karate Classes for Westchester Kids

Karate is one of the most popular extracurricular activities for children of all ages. It is a sport that promotes self discipline, concentration, self control, respect and perseverance. While just about every town in Westchester County has a dojo, a few locally owned and operated establishments have earned reputations as Westchester’s best.

In addition to improving focus and motor skills from tots to teens, karate is also a fun way to introduce ancient customs and practices while instilling life-long lessons in respect, confidence, strength and skill. 

We've rounded up seven outstanding karate centers throughout Westchester County. Who knows--you may even be inspired to be join the fun with family sessions!

Go No Sen - Peekskill
28 Welcher Avenue 
At Go No Sen Karate, owner and instructor Adam McCauley, known to the children as Renshi, is a familiar face. He teaches classes at all levels and is dedicated to and invested in the progress of each student. This dojo participates in the KinderKicks program and begins offering early karate themed “Caregiver and Me” classes for infants and their caregivers. Kids ages 3 to 5 can be Leadership Lions or, at 3-and-a-half, enter the Little Dragons classes to begin acquiring their striped belts. Go No Sen is also unique in its dedication to making karate accessible to children with physical and developmental special needs. All interested students are invited to sign up for a FREE private evaluation. In addition to classes, Go No Sen also hosts birthday parties, day camps during school breaks and week long summer camps.

United Martial Arts Centers ;- Briarcliff and Ardsley
528 N State Road, Briarcliff
15 Center Street, Ardsley
Wish you could learn karate too? At United Martial Arts Centers, Family Karate is an inclusive program that focuses on making children and parents partners on the dojo floor. Rather than watching from the sidelines, parents at United Martial Arts Centers learn karate alongside their children, and children learn along side their siblings. This program is especially worthwhile for larger families that are interested in learning karate together, thanks to the dojo’s Family Free plan--the first members to join pay full membership, and any other family members who join do so for FREE! United Martial Arts Centers also offer regular kids classes for families that prefer to train solo, as well as transportation-provided after school programs and summer camp.

Seido Karate - Elmsford
1 Parkway Plaza
The Westchester branch of NYC’s World Seido Karate Organization, Seido Karate offers a program that engages children ages 4 to 15 in a program that develops both their physical and mental discipline. Seido Karate focuses on building a child’s competence, confidence, connection, character, concentration, coping skills and self control as they learn karate. The program is divided into groups based large on age--4 and 5 year olds are in the Pee Wee program, 6, 7 and 8 year olds are Juniors and students 9 to 14 are Youth. On weekends there is a special “Parent and Me” style class for Pee Wee and Junior age children.

Westchester Martial Arts Academy - Eastchester
3 Sunnyside Terrace
As both owners and instructors at Westchester Martial Arts Academy, Chuck and Kara take karate very seriously--and so do their students. Though many kids come to karate as young children who have seen too many Ninja Turtle movies, karate encourages discipline and self-control as students grow. At Westchester Martial Arts Academy, older students learn the tools they need to confront bullying, make real life changes at home and in school and to foster respect for self and others. Starting at age 4 and moving straight through to adulthood, this popular dojo takes training, self defense and self control seriously.

Excel Martial Arts - Larchmont
2097 Palmer Avenue
Get kids into the dojo before they can walk! At Excel Martial Arts in Larchmont, kids as young as 1 month old can get into the studio and get involved in the fitness, creativity and fun that makes Excel, well, excel. Separate from the area where karate classes happen, Excel’s Larchmont Toddler Program offers a variety of enrichment programs, including open physical play hours for tots who are not yet ready to move into their kids’ karate classes. Once they are 3 children can join the karate program, which is divided into two age groups--3 to 6 and 7 to 12.

Ki Martial Arts - Tuckahoe
125 Marbledale Road
Ki Martial Arts isn’t just about karate; children in this studio can choose either karate or Tae Kwon Do while teenagers can choose from karate, Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing and/or self defense. Children’s classes run from ages 3 to 12 before preteens graduate into teen and adult classes. Families can also choose to learn karate and work out together during Family Classes or schedule private sessions with the instructors. Not for young children, Ki Martial Arts also offers Krav Maga classes--a discipline derived from the Israeli Special Forces. Not sure Karate is right for your child? Contact Ki Martial Arts for a FREE trial session and find out!

Jim Smith Karate - Yorktown Heights
276-278 Mahopac Avenue
A long standing program in Westchester County, Jim Smith Karate really caters to the developmental needs of children. Starting at age 4 Jim Smith Karate offers 6 different classes and levels training divided up by both age an ability level. Unlike many dojos, Jim Smith Karate doesn't charge an extra fee for belt tests or new belts. Want to learn more? Contact the dojo for a FREE week of karate!


United Martial Arts Centers
15 Center St
10502 Ardsley , NY
Phone: (914) 479-5900
41° 0' 44.9676" N, 73° 50' 42.252" W
New York
United Martial Arts Center
528 N State Rd
10510 Briarcliff , NY
Phone: (914) 945-7100
41° 9' 53.3232" N, 73° 49' 20.1036" W
New York
Go No Sen Karate
28 Welcher Ave
10566 Peekskill , NY
Phone: (914)734-2461
41° 17' 24.3384" N, 73° 55' 13.4976" W
New York
Go No Sen Karate
105 Lockwood Ave
10701 Yonkers , NY
Phone: (914) 813-0090
40° 56' 53.322" N, 73° 52' 14.0916" W
New York
Seido Karate
1 Parkway Plaza II
10523 Elmsford , NY
Phone: (914) 909-5000
41° 3' 13.4316" N, 73° 49' 23.88" W
New York
Westchester Martial Arts Academy
3 Sunnyside Terrace
10709 Eastchester , NY
Phone: (914) 961-1800
40° 57' 27.4176" N, 73° 48' 46.782" W
New York
Excel Martial Arts
2097 Palmer Ave
Larchmont , NY
Phone: (914) 834-1540
40° 55' 45.2748" N, 73° 45' 49.4892" W
New York
Jim Smith Karate
276-278 Mahopac Ave
10598 Yorktown Height , NY
Phone: (914) 621-0100
41° 20' 30.5952" N, 73° 45' 59.382" W
New York
Ki Martial Arts
125 Marbledale Rd
10707 Tuckahoe , NY
Phone: (914) 961-1111
40° 57' 12.4596" N, 73° 49' 12.2628" W
New York