This Amazing New Park is Another Reason to Visit The San Jacinto Monument With Kids

4/2/18 - By Ashley Jones

We've always been fans of the San Jacinto Battleground and have spent plenty of time exploring the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas, but the lack of play area on the grounds for our kids was somewhat of a drawback. Now, the newly renovated Juan Seguin Historic Park adjacent to the Battleground gives kids a fun new place to play, while also preserving the natural beauty of this historical site. It's filled with informative plaques, features multiple spots for picnicking, a large pavilion, and it has an amazing waterfront view.

The park even pays tribute to the history of the Lynchburg Ferry, which suffered damage during Hurricane Harvey, but is now back up and running. We recently visited the park, and I have to say, there is definitely more to this historical park than first meets the eye. 


The beautiful stone entrance to the park features Texas granite with an engraved photo of Texas Independence leader, Juan Seguin.

Upon entering the park, visitors are greeted with monuments providing educational background on the history of Juan Seguin, who was an integral part of establishing Texas' independence from Mexico during the Texas Revolution.

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While these plaques may not be of much interest to younger kiddos, they provide a great opportunity for parents of older kids to have a mini history lesson while enjoying the gorgeous waterfront scenery. Located near the water's edge is a view deck with monuments featuring a history of the Lynchburg Ferry. The deck also has several large tables and is a great spot for a picnic with a clear view of the ferry and passing boats.

Reading about the history of the Lynchburg Ferry.

The crown jewel of this park is definitely the large play structure. This brand new play area is unlike any other we've seen in the area. It's primarily comprised of climbing obstacles made from strong, sturdy rope. There are many platforms to climb on, through, over, and under. All three of our children really enjoyed the challenge that this type of structure gave them, as it provided so many opportunities to play with the same apparatuses in different ways.

A teeter-totter built for four children and a large slide both provided plenty of enjoyment during our visit. The playscape was just as fun for our three-year-old as it was for our 11-year-old, which is definitely the mark of a well-designed playground in my book! 

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Climbing through the intricate play structure was challenging, yet fun.

While much of the park features beautifully manicured grass and shrubs, several areas preserve the natural landscape of the area with wildflowers and prairie grasses creating a gorgeous space to enjoy. From any spot in the park, you can easily view the prestige of the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas, or watch passing boats and barges cruising up and down the Houston ship channel. Covered picnic tables near the water's edge give a wonderfully unobstructed view of the channel. Our kids spent so much of our recent visit ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the large ships passing very close to the park's edge.

Big ships can be seen easily from all areas of the park.

The park is open 7 a.m.- 9 p.m. seven days a week. Picnics are welcome, but glass containers are prohibited. Pets must be on a leash while inside the park. Overall, Juan Seguin Historic Park is a wonderful addition to this historically rich area of town. If you're planning a visit to the San Jacinto Battleground, Houston Ship Channel, or Lynchburg Ferry anytime soon, you won't regret stopping by this great space to play. 

Top Photo: Playing on the four-person teeter-totter at Juan Seguin Historic Park. All photos by the author. 

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