Visiting Urban Air Adventure Park in Connecticut with Kids

Ride in the sky at Urban Air. Photo courtesy of Urban Air Adventure Park in Manchester.
Ride in the sky at Urban Air. Photo courtesy of Urban Air Adventure Park in Manchester.

Visiting Urban Air Adventure Park in Connecticut is a must-do if you have active kids. You’ve probably been to an indoor playground or play space, like a trampoline park. These indoor adventure parks have been popping up all over New Connecticut in the past decade. The super-fun facilities are recognized by their wall-to-wall, quilt-like patchwork of trampolines. But then, there’s Urban Air Adventure Park. Marketed as "the Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park,” Urban Air's 84,200 square feet of indoor space also includes go-karts, a zip line, laser tag, a "Ninja Warrior"-inspired play area, a colossal climbing playground, and more. After a day with my kids, I can tell you visiting Urban Air trampoline park is worth the trip. Keep reading to discover what not to miss when you go.

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Image of child climbing rock wall at Urban Air Adventure Park in Connecticut. 
There are seven different climbing walls at Urban Air Adventure Park.

Why Urban Air Adventure Park is an Awesome Family Destination

Home to more than 15 attractions including a zip line, laser tag, arcade, bumper cars, go-karts, indoor ropes course, slam dunk zone, seven different climbing walls, bowling, and even an American Ninja Warrior-inspired play area. Urban Air Adventure Park in Orange, Connecticut as well as Manchester, Connecticut both have the thrills and excitement that might keep you there all day. And on a visit with my seven-year-old son and four-year-old daughter, we nearly did.

The facilities are enormous. You can pre-order passes online or pay a fee upon entering. Prices depend on what you want to do, so it's good to check out the website first and make a game plan before you head out for the day. Prices range from $20, which covers all activities kids ages 5 and under can do (there are height requirements for several attractions); to $47, the "platinum package" which includes access to go-karts, virtual reality games, bumper cars, laser tag, and more. Lower tiers are more reasonably priced, but offer access to fewer attractions.

Image of child on trampoline at Urban Air Adventure Park in Connecticut 
The signature wall-to-wall trampolines are worth a visit alone.

Must-Do Activities at Urban Air Trampoline Park

First things first: The signature wall-to-wall trampolines are worth a visit alone. With dozens of interconnecting tramps, a dodge ball court, and more, children of all ages can literally bounce off the walls. A nice touch is a separate area, called The Bowl, where kiddos ages 7 and under can jump around without fear of running headlong into a big-kid elbow or foot.

My kids were also way into the competitive attractions that test everything from driving (go-karts!) to balance skills. My kids' favorites were the Battle Beam and the Warrior Course. 

Image of kids at battle beam pit at Urban Air Trampoline Park in CT
Don't be the first to fall in the battle beam pit!

What's a battle beam? Think sword fighting and a balance beam wrapped into one activity. There's less fighting than giggling as the kids whip giant foam pieces at each other. With helmets, kids are plenty safe, and each "loss" is a soft landing.

Image of child at warrior course at Urban Air Trampoline Park in CT 
Various obstacles challenge kids' balance and strength in the Warrior Course.

The Warrior Course will be a thrill for anyone who's watched America Ninja Warrior or the like. There are various obstacles that challenge kids' balance and strength. My seven-year-old was certainly up for the challenge. I’m pretty sure that my four-year-old was happy to just land in the ball pit. ​

There are plenty more attractions that will appeal to children of various ages, including a "Sky Rider" indoor coaster (think zip line), a virtual reality room ("snowball fights" and more), and laser tag. And for us? They actually have massage chairs that overlook the attractions. While the kids get their energy out, parents can take a well-deserved break.

Know Before You Go - Urban Air Trampoline Park

Urban Air Amusement Park is open seven days a week: Monday through Thursdays 10am to 8pm, Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 9pm, and Sundays 11am to 8pm. These hours can change with holidays, school breaks, and also private events; check the Urban Air website before visiting.

Urban Air Trampoline Park offers discounted tickets for select days and time slots when you order online. You can save up to 10% on each pre-purchased ticket. And if you're going to make repeat visits, consider a membership.

Many attractions have height requirements: Because my four-year-old hovers at the 36-inch mark, the number of attractions she could enjoy was limited compared to my 48-inch seven year old. For the younger (and smaller) set, you can look forward to jumping on trampolines, climbing one of seven rock walls, weaving through the tubes playground, battling on the beam, playing laser tag and trying a hand at bowling. Older (and taller) kids can check out some additional options like the ropes course, go-karts and bumper cars. 
Photo of a child with pizza at Urban Air Adventure Park in Connecticut 
Photo courtesy of @daniella_brg, from the Urban Air Adventure Park's Facebook page.

Eating at Urban Air Adventure Park

Hungry? There's a café with soft salted pretzels, pizza, popcorn, soft drinks and the like. Both Connecticut Urban Air Adventure Parks are located in retail districts with a variety of dining options–if you've worked up an appetite and need a pit stop before heading home.

Urban Air Near Me

Urban Air Trampoline Park has locations in  Orange, Connecticut as well as Manchester, Connecticut. They also have a location in Bellingham, Mass. for those Quiet Corner families looking to escape the quiet. 

Photos courtesy of Urban Air Adventure Park from their two Connecticut locations, unless otherwise noted.

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