10 Free Places to Play Indoors Around Boston

The Children's Room at the BPL Copley Square is an extra-special place to play (and browse books, of course). Photo courtesy of Arrowstreet
From the city to the suburbs, these public play areas allow kids to run around and socialize, at no or little cost to you.

For families with energetic kids, perhaps the biggest bummer of colder weather is losing the ability to while away entire afternoons at a local playground. Sure, we're blessed with a bevy of spectacular indoor play zones here in Boston, but many charge $10 or more per child for an hour or two of fun. Sometimes, what kids (and exhausted parents) really need is the indoor equivalent of your neighborhood playground—an open, public space where they can pop in, monkey around, and socialize for an hour or two, no reservation or hefty admission required. We've tracked down a few spots in and around town where your kids can play—and you can take a load off—for free. (Note that none of these places allow you to drop kids off, unsupervised; but having some new toys and playmates to entertain them will definitely feel like a break.)

1. BCYF Family Gym—South End, Dorchester, Roxbury
This free, weekly program (which takes a break in January but picks back up February 2, 2019) is an awesome outlet for city families. Kids are invited to drop in and explore an array of colorful gym equipment (from soft foam climbing structures to parachutes) in gyms in three different neighborhoods on Saturday mornings. Parents are encouraged to join in the fun, but there are also staffers on hand to help supervise kids. 

Kids are encouraged to climb aboard the engines and play pretend. Photo courtesy of the Boston Fire Museum

2. Boston Fire Museum—Boston
This gem of a museum accepts donations, but doesn't charge admission. If your child loves trucks or imaginary play, this is a fabulous spot for a Friday evening or Saturday visit—kids are welcome to climb aboard the engines on display, ring some bells, and pretend they're real-life firefighters, to their hearts' content.

3. Boston Public Market Kids' Nook—Boston
The cute little play area tucked away in the Boston Public Market features plush fruit and veggie toys, shopping carts, and other playthings that make little ones feel as if they, too, are doing some important shopping and food prep. Programs—like the New England Aquarium mobile touch tank—often stop by.

4. Beantown—Natick
Located on the second floor next to Wegman's in the Natick Mall, Beantown is helpful for parents who want to take a break from shopping (and for their kids who never wanted to shop in the first place). Kids ages 10 and under enjoy athe Boston-themed playspace, which features a "Green Monster" to climb, ducklings to ride on, and a big pirate ship. Hint: Weekends, especially around the holidays, can be a zoo, so consider doing your shopping—and playing—on a weekday. 

Boston-themed Beantown is a fave mall play space. Photo courtesy of Moms of Massachusetts

5. Burlington Mall Children's Play Area–Burlington
There's a playhouse and a variety of climbing structures situated on a carpet made to look like a natural landscape—with rocks and logs and such—at this centrally located area in the mall, near the food court. Best of all, the entire, carpeted space is surrounded by comfortable benches, so it's easy to keep track of the kids while they play.

6. South Shore Plaza Play Area—Braintree
Also located, helpfully, near the Food Court, where you can grab a bite to eat before or after playing, the South Shore Mall play area was constructred by the same company who designed the Burlington Mall Play Area (above), so it also features the same sturdy, colorful climbing structures, like planes and cars. Our kids have especially enjoyed climbing through the "log" tunnel (again and again and again).

7. Northshore Mall Play Area—Peabody
Near Macy's—which is also where Santa parks around holiday time—the play area features imagination-building climbing structures that are especially great for littler ones. There's also a small "activity nook" with some manipulative wheels and mirrors for less rambunctious players.

A toy store with toys to play with? Yes, please! Photo courtesy of Magic Beans

8. Lego Store—Natick, Burlington, Braintree, Peabody
For kids who are less inclined to climb than tinker, the Lego stores at the Natick, Burlington, North Shore, and South Shore malls are a great outlet between errands. Along with free-build stations that are always set up around the store, there are special activities and challenges every month. Every store has its own calendar describing these events, so be sure to check before you head to the mall.

9. Magic Beans—Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Norwell, Wellesley
Know how you take kids to a toy store and they want to, you know, play with the toys? At Magic Beans, they can: Stores have a cordoned-off play area that's filled with favorite items straight from the shelves. The trick: getting them out of there when it's time to go home.

10. Children's Room at the Boston Public Library's Central Branch—Boston
Lots of libraries have a few wooden toys or blocks sprinkled about, but we recently wrote about some very special public libraries with legit play spaces where kids can really have fun. Since the second floor of the Johnson Building was renovated in 2015, the Central Library in Copley Square has become one of the greatest little-kid play areas in the city. The bright, colorful space has loads of soft, squishy toys, several interesting manipulatives, an array of puzzles and games built into the wall at kids' eye level, and lots of room to move.

BCYF Blackstone Community Center
50 West Brookline Street
02118 Boston , MA 42° 20' 25.26" N, 71° 4' 23.1744" W
BCYF Holland Community Center
85 Olney Street
02121 Boston , MA 42° 18' 21.654" N, 71° 4' 24.978" W
BCYF Madison Park Community Center
55 Malcolm X Boulevard
02119 Boston , MA 42° 19' 50.484" N, 71° 5' 18.51" W
Boston Fire Museum
344 Congress Street
02210 Boston , MA 42° 21' 3.0384" N, 71° 2' 55.464" W
Natick Mall
1245 Worcester Street
01760 Natick , MA 42° 18' 6.9336" N, 71° 23' 3.7644" W
Northshore Mall
210 Andover Street
01960 Peabody , MA 42° 32' 28.3092" N, 70° 56' 26.898" W
South Shore Mall
250 Granite Street
02184 Braintree , MA 42° 13' 12.3348" N, 71° 1' 21.5832" W
Burlington Mall
75 Middlesex Turnpike
01803 Burlington , MA 42° 28' 52.0572" N, 71° 13' 0.3072" W
Magic Beans Brookline
312 Harvard Street
02446 Brookline , MA 42° 20' 35.4804" N, 71° 7' 23.7288" W
Boston Public Library Central Branch
700 Boylston Street
02116 Boston , MA 42° 20' 57.8976" N, 71° 4' 43.7844" W
Boston Public Market Kid's Nook
100 Hanover Street
02113 Boston , MA 42° 21' 42.3756" N, 71° 3' 26.3772" W