Visiting Urban Air Adventure Park in Brooklyn with Kids

Urban Air Adventure Park goes way beyond a typical trampoline park, with ropes courses, climbers, mega playgrounds, VR, and more.
Urban Air Adventure Park goes way beyond a typical trampoline park, with ropes courses, climbers, mega playgrounds, VR, and more.
4/6/23 - By Diana Kim

Sunset Park's Urban Air Adventure Park gives Brooklyn kids a whole new place to play. This new trampoline park gives kids space to jump, bounce, fly, and play to their hearts' content in a safe environment. While Brooklyn families are fortunate to have a number of indoor places to play from climbing gyms and ninja warrior courses to indoor playgrounds, there hadn't been a trampoline park in the borough for a few years. Urban Air Adventure Park, which opened in late 2022, changed that bringing with it a variety of all-ages attractions. It's one of those rare destinations where a preschooler and a tween can run around and have fun.

Read on for our visit to this ultimate indoor playground and find more places for action-packed playtime in our Guide to Sports Centers, Gyms, and Fun Zones in NYC.


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Urban Air Adventure Park:
There's tons of space to roam, romp, and jump at Urban Air Adventure Park in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Highlights of Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park has one of the best trampoline setups in NYC, but it's more than just a high-tech trampoline park. It also has ropes courses, an indoor playground, a climbing hill, virtual reality and arcade games, and bumper cars.

All the attractions are nicely spaced out in the huge complex, so nothing feels too crowded. There's so much to do that we were there for more than two hours, and my kids never got bored. 

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Urban Air Adventure Park: Climbing Hill
Little ones love the Climbing Hill, where falling is half the fun. 

Best Attractions for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The best attractions for little visitors are the Apex Trampoline and indoor playground. The Apex Trampoline is enormous, so there's plenty of space for everyone. There's also a dedicated staff member supervision to ensure the kids are safe as they bounce. My 6-year-old and his friend loved the trampoline. They ran around, jumped, and bounced for a long time—even returning for another go after trying the other attractions.

The trampoline extends up the wall so kids can literally bounce off the walls and perfect parkour skills. Next to the Apex Trampoline is a runway track, which is great for kids who want to practice gymnastic skills like tumbling, flipping, and cartwheels.

The indoor playground has tunnels to crawl through, platforms to climb, and plenty of slides. There are observation bubbles kids can peek through and the climbing equipment is padded for safety. It's also reserved exclusively for kids under 52 inches

My son and his friend really enjoyed the Climbing Hill, too, which is also reserved for kids 52 inches and under. Kids have to crawl, run, or walk up the mini-mountain and either slide down the same way they came up or go down a super fast slide. There are cushions and pads all around to soften slips and falls.

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Urban Air Adventure Park: Battle Beam
Kids can battle it out in the Battle Beam area, and land on cushy foam blocks when they surrender.

Best Urban Air Attractions for Kids of All Ages

In addition to the Apex Trampoline, older kids flock to the ProZone Performance Trampoline, which takes bouncing to a higher level—literally. Kids drop onto the trampoline from an elevated platform so they can jump even higher and try out various tricks, flips, and kicks off the padded wall.

In the Warrior Course, kids work through various obstacles like tilted platforms, hanging rings, nets, and balance beams. The great big ball pit cushions any falls, and is itself, a main draw.

The Slam Dunk Zone Trampoline lets kids catch some air while attempting to dunk basketballs. For a challenge, kids can tackle the Ropes Course and try leaping over bridges, climbing spiderwebs, and swinging on ropes while strapped into secure harnesses.

The Battle Beam and Trampoline Dodgeball add some competitiveness to an outing at Urban Air Adventure Park. While younger kids are allowed in the dodgeball arena, it may be too intense when there are older kids playing as well.

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Urban Air Adventure Park: Arcade
Save some time—and cash—to hit the arcade games during your visit to Urban Air Adventure Park.

Virtual Reality Attractions and Games at Urban Air

Urban Air Adventure Park also offers virtual reality attractions and arcade games. For an additional fee, kids don virtual reality headsets where they fight robots and dragons or sling snowballs to collect coins. They can play with and against their friends, and the virtual reality games are suitable for all levels and ages. There are also several more traditional arcade games throughout the space.

Older kids get a kick out of the Spin Zone Bumper Cars. Riders spin and whirl in their car seats when they crash into another car. This attraction comes with an added fee and is best suited for big kids.

Food at Urban Air Adventure Park

Kids and parents can refuel and rest at Urban Air Adventure Park's large cafe area. The cafe menu offers a large selection of snacks, entrees, sweets, and drinks. You'll find kid-pleasers like pizza, pretzels, chicken tenders, chips, hot dogs, Slurpees, and ice cream. There are lots of tables and benches to eat and take a break. Another great amenity was the coin-operated massage chairs, which were perfect for relaxing while the kids played.

If you want to save your meal for post-playtime, Industry City, chock full of family-friendly eateries and attractions, including Japan Village, is a short walk away.

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Urban Air Adventure Park:
Let the ball pit break your fall at Urban Air Adventure Park.

Know Before You Go to Urban Air Adventure Park

  • While you can buy tickets at the door, it's best to buy them in advance online in case Urban Air Adventure Park is at capacity. However, you must still wait in line to get wristbands and socks.
  • Urban Air Adventure Park reserves the right to limit play time to 2 hours, which does happen on the weekends when it is the busiest.
  • Everyone must purchase and wear Urban Air socks, which cost $3.49.
  • There are three ticket levels: Deluxe, Ultimate, and Platinum, depending on the attractions you're interested in. Prices start at $43.99; children 5 and younger enter for $23.99.
  • Parents pay half of the kids' tickets for access to the same attractions.
  • Urban Air provides cubbies to store shoes, plus hangers for coats and bags.
  • Many of the attractions have height restrictions to keep the younger kids safe.
  • There are multiple party rooms for birthday parties and private events.

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