My Spectrum School: Inspiring Long Island’s Youngest Gifted Students

My Spectrum School in Port Washington teaches academically gifted students

Every one of our children is a remarkable little person with a variety of special gifts. Some parents begin to suspect early on that they are raising a child who has academic gifts beyond the ordinary; and, although official labels of "academically gifted" aren't generally offered until elementary school, few parents of a gifted child are surprised when the official assessment arrives. So, if you already have a hunch that your preschooler is headed down a gifted path, how can you step up the game early and choose the best school to inspire a lifelong love affair with education?

Our sponsor My Spectrum School in Port Washington has developed a program that aims to maximize a student's potential and foster the cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth of any child—but with particular emphasis on nurturing the learning styles of gifted students. From preschoolers enjoying their first academic experiences to elementary school students looking for after-school enrichment, the school has a variety of programs designed to inspire.

My Spectrum School focuses on an accelerated curriculum modeled after the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Harvard University’s Project Spectrum, which assume that various intelligences (linguistics, musical, naturalist, etc.) account for a broad range of potential in both children and adults. With that in mind, students engage in theme-based projects (both individual and group) to explore the seven domains of knowledge:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music
  • Social Understanding
  • Movement

Each project involves instruction, construction, collaboration and reflection, and coincides with New York State Common Core Learning Standards. The curriculum was designed and implemented by Dr. Linda D'Agostino, a Columbia graduate with extensive years of experience teaching the gifted.

Every area of the school's 5,000 square-foot location—from the classrooms to the outdoor playspaces—has been designed to maximize students' learning experiences. There's an outdoor classroom where kids can plant flowers, observe and record butterfly behavior, utilize sensory tables, build electrical circuit-systems, and create musical instruments. Each small-sized class is facilitated by a highly-trained staff, and parents are encouraged to play an active role in the classroom and their child’s education.

The school accepts kids in preschool through first grade, but there are also after-school workshops (ages 3-10), as well as a summer camp (ages 2-10). My Spectrum School offers affordable, flexible schedules and payments, so be sure to visit the website to find out how to schedule a tour and discuss tuition options. And for more tips and information on enrichment programs in the area, check out our Long Island Classes Guide.

This post is sponsored by My Spectrum School, but the opinions are those solely of the author.

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