Kumon Helps Long Island Kids Boost Their Math and Reading Skills

Kids aren’t the only ones feeling academic pressure these days—Mom and Dad are experiencing it, too. With the introduction of Common Core Standards, our kids are learning in a completely different way than we did as students. This can pose a real challenge when a child is struggling in school or needs help with assignments (I admit to reading over the instructions to my son’s math homework quite a few times before fully understanding it!). Many more parents are turning to tutors now than when we were kids.

Different from tutors, our sponsor Kumon realizes that learning is about more than simply scoring well on a test; students also need to develop good study habits and the ability to self-learn without being taught. And this takes the pressure off parents when it comes to helping out with homework and test prep.

Founded in Japan almost 60 years ago by a dad looking to help his son develop a love of learning, Kumon utilizes an individualized approach that helps children excel in math and reading. Instead of taking notes, memorizing facts or being fed information from teachers or a tutor, Kumon students actively develop critical, self-learning skills that enable them to study ahead of their grade level. Kumon accomplishes this through...

Worksheets: Daily assignments (each subject takes about 30 minutes to complete) enable children to have a solid academic foundation and learn new concepts on their own. 

Step-by-Step Advancement: Each worksheet is one step more advanced than the previous, ensuring that your child has a firm grasp on the lesson and experiencing enrichment.

Learning at Their Own Pace: At school, teachers need to move on to the next lesson in order to stay on track. At Kumon, the lesson-planning and instruction is individualized to ensure subject mastery and confidence. 

Kumon subjects range from counting to calculus and sentence building to Shakespeare. There's also a recommended reading list to help parents choose books to enhance their children's appreciation and understanding of language and literature, as well as parent conferences to discuss progress and set goals with the instructor. Kumon fosters in students the skills to learn any school curriculum, and that is why so many students stay enrolled for years while they study ahead of grade level.

To find a center near you, visit the Kumon website. And for more info on after-school enrichment, be sure to check out our Long Island Classes Guide.

This post is sponsored by Kumon, but the opinions are those solely of the author.

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