Bridgeport Bluefish Game: Family Baseball Outing

The Bridgeport Bluefish home opener is coming up on May 5, and there's a good reason attending one of the baseball team's games made our list of the top 120 things to do with kids in Connecticut. I can think of little else in Fairfield County that offers such great family fun. It is classic and simple Americana—baseball, sunshine, snack food and inflatables.

If I had to choose one word to describe the experience, strangely enough, it'd be relaxing.  There is absolutely nothing pretentious or stressful about a day at Harbor Yard.  Once you've handed over your $10 to park in the main lot (don't veer -- it's just simple this way), follow the crowd and friendly policemen across the street.  The line for tickets may be a bit long, so if you can, designate one parent to wait and the other to wrangle kids in the vicinity.  If you're really on top of things, and Sunday games work for you, join the Big Y Kids Club.   This gets your children under age 13 a free ticket into every single Sunday home game.  If you can't get that organized this year, absolutely positively do not panic about what seats to purchase at the box office.  The front office will hate me for saying this, but it's a bit of a free-for-all once you're inside.  Yes, there is someone checking sections -- so you're not going to slide into at $25 seat with a $10 ticket.  But if your 3-year-old decides sitting behind third base is more his bag (so to speak, haha) than first, NO ONE IS GOING TO CARE.  Along those lines, if you have a baby in tow, there are plenty of roomy spots with benches along the edge of the concourse where you still have a great view of the action and don't have to fuss with any awkward bleachers.  Additionally, there's an elevator south of the box offices where you can ride up instead of lifting your stroller up the steep cement staircase.

Once in your seats, your kids will make one of two choices: A) watch the game or B) make like a pinball and bounce all over the stadium.  Option A is an excellent, albeit unpopular, choice.  The Bluefish are part of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, which means you'll see some legitimate talent, and maybe even some former Major Leaguers who aren't quite willing to hang up their cleats yet.  Option B, you say?  Don't worry. Approximately 99.9% of parents find themselves in this camp.  But remember what I said at the beginning -- kid chaos is kind of what this place is prepared to handle.  You have a few ways to direct said chaos:

#1: Find BB the mascot. He roams around during most of the game doling out high fives and joining in on family pictures.  He also likes to get his groove on atop the dugout.  Join in.  It's good fun.

#2: Snacks!  It's a ball park!  Hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream, Italian ice, etc. Prices aren't great, but they aren't Yankee Stadium-bad either.

#3: Spend the entire time in the Kids Cove.  Massive inflatable slides, batting practice and more await -- for a fee (of course).  You purchase carnival-like tickets.  They spend them.  You know the drill.  Older kids might also enjoy the close proximity to the bullpen.  Younger ones will like seeing the Metro North trains roll by.

#4: Catch foul balls.  It's a pastime as old as the game.  And while we're on the subject, it's wise to have one adult with an eye to the game at all times.  The park is small, and the hitters can be big, sending foul line drives sailing over and around the dugouts -- even into the Kids Cove.

The Bluefish also coordinate several giveaways for home games and an excellent Father's Day celebration package.  They also plan for several fireworks nights, so plan to catch (or avoid, depending on the child) that added bonus.

For more baseball fun check out our post on Minor League Baseball in Connecticut.


Bridgeport Bluefish
The Ballpark at Harbor Yard
500 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT, 06604

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